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4011Re: [foss.in] Re: How was FOSS.in??

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  • Devdas Bhagat
    Dec 1, 2006
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      On 01/12/06 12:29 +0530, Sriram Krishnan wrote:
      > Sudev Barar wrote:

      > > Second: M$ has money, paid by people who ought to know better, to hire PR
      > > and spend on media gifts.
      > All rightie then. As a Microsoft employee, I know I'm in a minority
      > (understatement of the year!) on this list and anything I say could
      > easily spark off a flamewar.
      > However, I will say this - I love the talk on technology and I love the
      > spirit on this list and at the event. Heck! I was there in person in
      > Bangalore to see it all. What I do *not* love, is misinformed
      > speculation on Microsoft.
      I think I would prefer to see it onlist, as personal, non-offical
      remarks from you. If you still insist on taking it offlist, I will
      consider it a formal response from Microsoft and reserve the right to
      take it public.

      I still don't see the misinformed speculation out there. The claim you
      responded to was that Microsoft has a PR budget, and uses it. What part
      of this is misinformed speculation?

      In the category of people who ought to know better, I would include the
      people who want to run only FOSS, but insist on buying hardware which
      comes with Windows only. I would include the people who use MS Office
      file formats instead of open, standardised ones.

      > I'm very tempted to jump in but I don't believe that would be
      > appropriate or 'good form' for this group. I'll be more than happy to
      > have this discussion on Windows Vista (after all, I've been using it
      > daily for over 6 months now) - but this discussion would have to be
      > offline.
      This isn't about Windows Vista. This is about Microsoft's marketing and
      legal machine. I suspect that a discussion on getting Microsoft to
      accept and follow open standards without extending, embracing and
      patenting them would be a worthwhile thread.

      If you would rather discuss this on the non-tech list (or the list
      admin(s) think so), please let me know so that I can join that list.

      Devdas Bhagat
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