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4009Re: [foss.in] Re: How was FOSS.in??

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  • Sriram Krishnan
    Nov 30, 2006
      Sudev Barar wrote:

      > > memory than vista (1 GB !).And then there is Compiz Xgl ,3d desktop
      > > ,and yet media only covers the advances of Windows ,and heralds it as
      > > the next "big thing"


      > Second: M$ has money, paid by people who ought to know better, to hire PR
      > and spend on media gifts.

      All rightie then. As a Microsoft employee, I know I'm in a minority
      (understatement of the year!) on this list and anything I say could
      easily spark off a flamewar.

      However, I will say this - I love the talk on technology and I love the
      spirit on this list and at the event. Heck! I was there in person in
      Bangalore to see it all. What I do *not* love, is misinformed
      speculation on Microsoft.

      I'm very tempted to jump in but I don't believe that would be
      appropriate or 'good form' for this group. I'll be more than happy to
      have this discussion on Windows Vista (after all, I've been using it
      daily for over 6 months now) - but this discussion would have to be

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