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3247RE: [foss.in] FOSS.IN/2005 DVDs

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  • Das, Surjo [OS-IE]
    Dec 22, 2005
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      > Finally, I will say that I will be more than happy to
      > volunteer for anything if such an event is considered.
      > However, I have not proposed this formally to the department
      > at college - and while I am sure they will have no objection,
      > I cannot speak on their behalf, so I will need to confirm
      > their approval at some point of time. This will be Mount
      > Carmel College, near Palace Grounds.


      A similar thing happened recently at PESIT, BMS and now the SCE guys are
      planning something. Pravin would be more than glad to help you folks in
      such an event. Count me in as well. Been a while since I visited Mounts :)


      View my online journal at http://surjodas.blogspot.com
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