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  • Another Coder
    Dec 22, 2005
      On Thursday 22 Dec 2005 1:48 pm, Atul Chitnis wrote:
      > - We could distribute them to schools and colleges that would like to have
      > an easy way of helping their tudens (and staff!) get their toes wet in
      > the FOSS world

      This seems to be a great idea. I am a student doing my undergraduate studies
      in Computer Science. At college, we have been thinking about what we can do
      to spread the word about open source software and related ideas. Our course
      involves studying software development in this semester and an overview of
      the Linux operating system in the next semester. I am relatively sure that
      anything related to open source software, therefore, should neatly fit into
      the general state of affairs.

      At the risk of going slightly off-track, I'll mention that most of us
      (students, including me) missed out on the recent conference because the
      dates clashed directly with our end-of-sem exams. I regret missing the
      conference (I signed up on this list after reading an advert in a newspaper
      and our exam schedule released soon after that). I was thinking if something
      along the lines of a small one-day workshop can be arranged for in college,
      involving a couple of talks, and of course, distributing DVDs, etc. However,
      this is just an idea, and I will understand if it's too much trouble and
      cannot be done.

      Finally, I will say that I will be more than happy to volunteer for anything
      if such an event is considered. However, I have not proposed this formally to
      the department at college - and while I am sure they will have no objection,
      I cannot speak on their behalf, so I will need to confirm their approval at
      some point of time. This will be Mount Carmel College, near Palace Grounds.

      Thanks for your consideration.

      With warm regards,
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