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3241Re: [foss.in] Re: FOSS.IN/2005 DVDs

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  • Atul Chitnis
    Dec 22, 2005
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      On Thu, 22 Dec 2005, Rajesh Prakasam wrote:

      > I believe, these DVDs can be sold, for a nominal fee, for people who
      > would like to have a copy (people who have missed the conference -
      > like me)

      Well, while we *are* in deficit, the sale of the DVDs just wouldn't be
      worth it. How much would we sell them for? 50 bucks a piece? 100? We have
      a few hundred of them, and the money realised wouldn't be worth the

      Also, the DVDs dont contain any conference material, they contain a lot of
      FOSS stuff like Fedora Core, FreeBSD, Knoppix, OpenBSD, NetBSD, ReactOS,
      Windows FOSS packages, some music, etc.

      We want these DVDs to be used to get people involved in FOSS.

      Here is an idea - how about students arranging for some FOSS workshops in
      their colleges, and we contribute a bunch of DVDs to distribute to
      attendees? Only while stocks last! First come, first served, and the FOSS
      workshop must be legitimate, not for the purpose of getting the DVDs :)

      This is probably the biggest "FOSS Sampler" one can lay one's hands on -
      the computer magazines like PCQuest, LFY and others are going to have a
      tough time ever matching this :)

      Note that like everything else in FOSS, this material has limited "current
      status" - a month or two from now, much of this stuff will have been
      superseded by newer releases.

      If you are interested in the directory listing of the DVD:



      F O S S . I N
      India's Premier FOSS Conference
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