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  • Phil
    I totally agree with Gisele on her post, but the expression timing is everything might be in play here. I woke up to an e-mail from a huge international
    Message 1 of 2 , May 14, 2011
      I totally agree with Gisele on her post, but the expression timing is everything might be in play here. I woke up to an e-mail from a huge international re-enactors group based out of the UK. I have been picking the founder's brains on ideas. He just extended an offer to add us to their membership. This gang is huge and the exposure for merchants would only help you. He asked for info on the group on the whole as they have a profile format they follow and he has offered also list and promote the vandors in our group. This is what he is asking for:

      You also mention merchants, I will add their details too, if they would like, to the traders list:
      let me have:
      Trade name, location, website, contact email and brief description of what they sell/produce.

      Bacally the same thing we are asking for already. Your choice, but this could allow you to do some mail order business without the expense of actually promotning yourself. If you do not have a website I would be more then happy to help you start a free site. Many are free good now.

      Also we will be inviting new vendors to the group and offer helping the website and promoting as benfits to the group. I consider each merchant we now have a friend and would love you help you grow your business. With the cost of gas you could be selling without hitting the road and you could be selling while at events to people not at the event. Give it serious consideration. -

      Finally, if you know merchants who you consider friends tell Gisele or I and we will invite them to the group. Our merchants added a lot to the SCA events I ran I want to support them now.


      --- In fortressthreemonkeyskulls@yahoogroups.com, "ladys218" <ladys218@...> wrote:
      > Fortress Three Monkey Skulls is proud to announce we have an official stand alone website. Here we will post calendar events including practices and household meetings, Merchant lists, Crew member lists, and Code of Conduct.
      > We are trying to make a new start of this house hold and would like any and all who would like to be involved to PLEASE get involved. We are not narrowing our scope to Just SCA we are also opening our doors as Living history group that is dedicated to teaching people about the actual events in history such as living on a pirate ship or being a merchant, an archer in the woods, or heavy fighter on the field of combat,a tavern keeper or farmers, story tellers and bards in the time period of your persona by doing encampments for scout, youth programs and open demos.
      > www.fortressthreemonkeyskulls.weebly.com
      > This new web site gives each crew member (that includes you merchants, musicians,) an opportunity to blog about your persona and to tell people who you are and what you do and lets face it why you do it.
      > MERCHANTS here is your opportunity to advertise your wares and if you have merchant friends not on the board you can ADVERTISE their wares as well, under our friends of Merchants page. Drop a business card or your website at the yahoo board or one of our personal emails and we will make you a great advertisement on the new board. If you have a business card send it or scan and we will post it, can also post pictures of your wares here
      > Please take the time to write something up and send it to myself or Phil and we will be more than happy to set your advertisement on our board. We can also add pictures and other things. We aren't saying you have be involved but you can't complain if your not. We will give everyone equal opportunity to shine in the areas where you are tuned to do so. I think we have more then proven that with the events that we have run in the past.
      > House hold we don't want to hear "This is what you should do." We want to hear "this is what I can do to help." Phil and I are 2 people as a household we are as many as we can recruit so if you have an ideas step up don't just speak up." If you can't step up get some options like a friend who is willing to help. (If this is for actual event if you have an idea about doing that is a different story.)
      > We know there are those of you out there that don't think you have anything to bring to this group but even if you can hold a camera, rile a crowd, play a victim, be a villager who says nothing at all, watch children of the crew these would be a greater help then doing nothing. This also a good time for our knowledgeable people to come out of the closet and leave the dust to the skeleton that we all know lives there and help us with research and stuff like that. Seriously we want to succeed and have fun learning and teaching others about what we do for fun if we don't keep real history alive our kids will think the 17th century and before were all about the pirates of Hollywood caliber when in fact the real thing was probably not as glamorous but maybe more fun.
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