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Black Rose Masquerade Ball , 3/21/2009, 10:00 am

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    Reminder from: fortressthreemonkeyskulls Yahoo! Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fortressthreemonkeyskulls/cal Black Rose Masquerade Ball Saturday March 21,
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      Reminder from: fortressthreemonkeyskulls Yahoo! Group
      Title: Black Rose Masquerade Ball
      Date: Saturday March 21, 2009
      Time: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
      Location: URI Student Union , Kingston, RI
      Notes: Brave knights and fair damsels, dress in your finest costume and attend a ball with dance and fun as in ye days of yore!

      The Crown Barony of the Bridge is proud to announce the date for our

      Black Rose Masquerade Ball

      to be held at the URI Student Union on the 14 of March 2009. The day will include dance, instruction, **contest*** (listed below) along with our ever popular cloven fruit.

      The Waytes of Carolingia have graciously agreed to play for our ball.

      Food will be as it was last year in a “picnic” style with you being able to bring what food you wish to eat or share. Non alcoholic drinks will be provided, as this is a school it is a dry site. There are multiple restaurants within walking distance.

      Also due to it being during spring break for the students there should be plenty of easy access parking.

      **Special note: there is not s specific "theme" for the Masquerade portion of this ball please feel free to wear/design what you wish.


      Best flirt (male/female)-this deems to be interesting
      Best Cloved Object - a beloved favorite
      Best/Favorite mask - Hand made or acquired
      Most Original mask - Use your imagination

      Guidelines will be posted soon regarding each contest. Prizes to be announced later (don't worry they'll be good).

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