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Re: [fortressthreemonkeyskulls] Re: Holiday Meeting

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  • guendalina_cristiano@yahoo.com
    Okay-- Let me brainstorm about ideas for A&S  classes   I can defintely teach a class on the period cross stitch technique i learned from Nest.   I m also
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 13, 2008
      Let me brainstorm about ideas for A&S  classes
      I can defintely teach a class on the period cross stitch technique i learned from Nest.
      I'm also thinking of doing an overview of sumptuary laws, both in period and in the SCA.
      I think having a bring your books in type of day would be good too, where we bring in some of our more unsuual books to share during the meeting with everybody else.
      Also I can do a class on looking objectively at illustrations and portraits to figure out how to reconstruct the garment pictured.
      Basic Pattern construction for simple garb such as tunics, chemises, sideless surcoats.
      Those are the ones i can think of off the top of my head.
      I'll keep thinking of other ideas, etc.
      If I had a bigger house I'd have a huge christmas party for everybody to come over.... but alas, i do not.

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      Subject: [fortressthreemonkeyskulls] Re: Holiday Meeting
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      Date: Saturday, December 13, 2008, 9:08 PM

      i agree that opening up our household to LARP would be a good idea as
      we met many an interested fencer at the Dragon Claw event and there
      is (contrary to popular SCA beleif) nothing wrong with crossover
      character as long as they can keep history and fantasy seperate. any
      new blood at this point would only help stregthen the walls to this
      fortress but would add to whatever group they chose to play with.
      I also agree that small classes or projects would be a good thing to
      do at meetings as we can not only grow in our personal education
      about the SCA, but encourage the younger generation to look to the
      past to change the future. As far as where we have meetings that can
      be a flexible thing as long as we can meet somewhere. Pot luck is a
      good idea so long as where we meet approves of such practices. Again
      as members we should all be looking for a meeting place as this is
      not just a head of household thing. we have more than 3 members in
      this house hold and any one can give us a suggestion to check out.
      maybe a brainstorming session is in order any way that is my opinion
      and i have been told i am very opinionated.

      have a happy holiday no matter what you celebrate. As for my family
      we say merry christmas.

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      > I wanted to thank our small group for a great last meeting of the
      > year. I thought we had a great meeting with lots of pizza and soda.
      > hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.
      > We did take time to talk some household business. Effective 09 we
      > will continue to have our monthly meetings. But we instead of doing
      > strickly business meetings we will conbine business, A & S and a
      > meal. So this is what I need from each one of you please. List
      > dates that you cannot make a meeting for 09. We should figure a
      > three hours. This would include listing events. This would be for
      > weekends. We can mix it up and go to different places we can be
      > together as a group and have a few minutes to go over business.
      > is important as we are all on a tight budget. Also we will taking
      > time to do an A & S class. Gwen has offered to do some classes.
      > Gwen can you give me a list of classes? I will add that info to
      > meeting announcements on the household calendar.
      > We also talked about how important it is to get more active members
      > into the household. As time passes there is going to be a need to
      > more our region or they will not get done. Please create a list of
      > people you think would be good additions. If you do not feel you
      > invite people give us the list and we will do the rest.
      > I look forward to hearing from each of you. Thank you again to
      > that came to this meeting. :)
      > Respectfully,
      > Philippe Packard

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