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  • Phil
    It would appear the 13th is best. Would you guys like to recommend ideas between Plymouth to Taunton. My thoughts are maybe India food in Plymouth, or the
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 14, 2008
      It would appear the 13th is best. Would you guys like to recommend
      ideas between Plymouth to Taunton. My thoughts are maybe India food
      in Plymouth, or the China Buffet in Taunton. I think Tricia has a
      couple good ideas. Put in your ideas and/or let us know what you
      prefer. Gifts are up to you guys, but we need to decide soon.


      --- In fortressthreemonkeyskulls@yahoogroups.com, "shywolf128"
      <shywolf128@...> wrote:
      > In reguards to the FTMS first christmas get together which I think
      > a great idea. However the conflict with bridge birthday is bad, and
      > have to work the weekend of DEC 6. I motion we move the party to
      > 13 as I am off that weekend. our next concern is where to have it.
      > no one can host (unfortunately my house is off limits til spring
      > we can be outside) Maybe a pizza get together or maybe go bowling
      > something like that. if anyone has any other ideas please feel free
      > to voice them.(Don't forget there are kids involved in this party)
      > Next question is are we going to a gift exchange or some kind of
      > exchange? If we are, we should discuss a price limit as the economy
      > is eating everyone alive.
      > FTMS Quartermaster
      > Gisele Starkey
      > --- In fortressthreemonkeyskulls@yahoogroups.com, "Phil"
      > <itsthegotee@> wrote:
      > >
      > > We have to items,
      > >
      > > First; We have a meeting/party scheduled for the first weekend in
      > > December. This would be a good time to talk about the location
      > > what we want to do. Let's have fun with it.
      > >
      > > Second; It amazes me we are still in our first year and not a
      > > big group, but we seem to be dealing with issues we should not
      > > to deal with. In the next week I am opening any conversation you
      > > guys wish to have about Able and Jermey. They offered to fix
      > > Tricia's sword, months later and alot of effort on Trica's part
      > > they will not even reply about returning the sword. At this
      > we
      > > have to look at it as stolen. The material cost is not much, but
      > the
      > > personal value is extreme. I sent an IM to Jermey this morning
      > > advising him I am giving him one week. Tricia has sent a few e-
      > > mails, phone calls and messages. Yet not even a reply. I have to
      > be
      > > honest it makes me angry we befriended these guys and Tricia
      > > them trust and in return they ignore her and steal her personal
      > > property. We have little recourse, but I think we need to
      > > the following; Throw them out of the household. Have them banned
      > > from the SCA and LHA. Call Jermey's soon to be ex and ask for
      > > help. I know I am going to encourage Tricia to file an complain
      > > petty thief with the Carver Police. Stealing from someone who
      > > called you friend is about as low as you can get. We do not need
      > > people like this around. Since they are still on the board I know
      > > they will see this and I hope they return the sword in the next
      > week.
      > >
      > > I will also encouage everyone to call these guys and leave a
      > message
      > > and let them know what they have done is wrong and it is time to
      > > the right thing and return the sword.
      > >
      > > Philippe Provost
      > >
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