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Re: Matters concerning Jeremy & Abe

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  • shywolf128
    For those of you not keeping track it is Friday night and the countdown to Tuesday has begun. I want my sword in my hands no later than Tuesday morning. I
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 14, 2008
      For those of you not keeping track it is Friday night and the
      countdown to Tuesday has begun. I want my sword in my hands no later
      than Tuesday morning. I don't feel I should have to chase down you
      guys.This was really unfair to me. This was my sovenir from pennsic
      (Jeromy you know how important of an event that is). I have ask Phil
      to help because apparently my requests have fallen on deaf ears.We
      mean business guys. You offered to fix it and told me you'd have it
      back to me in a week and I still don't have it back and that was in

      Quartermaster FTMS
      ortressthreemonkeyskulls@yahoogroups.com, "Phil" <itsthegotee@...>
      > Jeremy left a message this morning with claims they got the wrong
      > sword from Abe and somehow his father is now involved. Since the
      > offense is against Tricia I relayed the message to her. She wants
      > give them an additional four days. This would mean the sword must
      > in her hands by next Tuesday. That gives you this coming weekend
      > do the right thing Jeremy and Abe. There will be no additional
      > given before we follow thur on all that is posted.
      > Philippe
      > --- In fortressthreemonkeyskulls@yahoogroups.com, "Phil"
      > <itsthegotee@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Thank you for your efforts Gwen. Kathy was going to try calling
      > > Jeremy this last weekend. An important point if you guys are not
      > > aware, this started in mid August. The original offer was to
      > > up the sword and return to her by Carver Day at King Richard's.
      > This
      > > was an offer made by Abe and strongly encouraged by Jeremy. They
      > > assured Tricia they could clean up the sword. History now shows
      > they
      > > took advantage of Tricia's trusting nature. Tricia took the
      > > road and sent plenty of polite e-mails and messages requesting
      > > return of her sword. They simply ignored her efforts. We are
      > > sure if they had no plans to ever return the sword or they did
      > > know what they were doing and ruined the sword. If they ruined
      > > sword the right thing would to have been to tell her and returned
      > the
      > > damaged sword. But they have ignored her for the most part and
      > what
      > > little reply Tricia has gotten is open ended excuses. In fact
      > > reply to the first post was for Jeremy to send Tricia a text
      > > questioning if she was angry with him. When she texted back and
      > > asked him to get his brother involved there was no reply. Again
      > > another dance with no results.
      > >
      > > Jeremy and Abe, the clock is ticking. I gave you a week as of
      > > Friday and the clock is still ticking. Your lame text messages
      > will
      > > not delay the clock. Tricia has tried everything she could think
      > of
      > > in taking the high road to get her sword back. Out of
      > > she has asked me to help. I can assure you I will not play with
      > you
      > > on this. If the sword is not Tricia's Gwen's or Kathy's hands
      > > this Friday I will reach out to our Baron about having you both
      > > banned from the SCA and Master Pat about being banned from the
      > > this coming Saturday. Stealing is a crime you can be banned for
      > > both groups. I will strongly encouage Tricia to file a small
      > claims
      > > against you both in the court. Tricia has even suggested we
      > > come looking for both of you, even at work. You have proven you
      > > cannot be trusted and you are both thiefs.
      > >
      > > I know both of these two people are seeing these posts, but if
      > anyone
      > > doubts they are you are more then welcome to copy and paste to
      > them.
      > >
      > >
      > > Philippe
      > >
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