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Re: [fortressthreemonkeyskulls] Dragonclaw 2008

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    Well, I had a wonderful time too.  Met a lot of new people.  Enjoyed myself tremendously. ... From: Phil Subject:
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      Well, I had a wonderful time too.  Met a lot of new people.  Enjoyed myself tremendously.

      --- On Sun, 11/2/08, Phil <itsthegotee@...> wrote:
      From: Phil <itsthegotee@...>
      Subject: [fortressthreemonkeyskulls] Dragonclaw 2008
      To: fortressthreemonkeyskulls@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sunday, November 2, 2008, 7:11 PM

      Well, It is now over and wow we are very tried. Larping is a huge
      part of this event and it was really great this year. The level of
      grab and makeup was at a professional level. Being down watching in
      the middle of the war we felt we were in the middle of a Hollywood
      set. It was amazing. FTMS made our mark as the took first place in
      Archery, Knife Throwing and Knife Throwing. While being in the range
      we did however miss the Rat Pucking contest and the Egg Throw. We now
      have four items to added to our banner. We also broke out the fencing
      gear trained for an hour or so. There was a lot of interest. No one
      walked away form the dinner hungry, as always the food was great,
      there was plenty left. We then had raffles and auctions for a while
      and when it was over there was entertainment for the more young of
      heart as it lasted until 2:00 AM.

      This is an invite only event. Only members and what they term
      as "Family" members can invite guests. Tricia and I are
      considered "Family". A few of the founding members stated they were
      thrilled we attending and they have invited us back for 2009. As a
      guest you have to be invited back each year and as a group FTMS will
      be invited as long as Trica and/or I will be attending. It would be
      great if we have a much larger group next year.


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