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Re: [fortressthreemonkeyskulls] LHA Sunday Afternoon Fencing in Fall River!!

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  • guendalina_cristiano@yahoo.com
    I thought we all had to pay once we walked in the door.  I m sorry if i m panicking.  I ll try hard not to do that.  I do want beven to be fencing.  I may
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 28, 2008
      I thought we all had to pay once we walked in the door.  I'm sorry if i'm panicking.  I'll try hard not to do that.  I do want beven to be fencing.  I may want to try myself, but not until i'm feeling better.
      I've actually never been down to the academy so i wasn't sure how things worked down there.
      Again, sorry to be overreacting.

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      Subject: Re: [fortressthreemonkeyskulls] LHA Sunday Afternoon Fencing in Fall River!!
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      Date: Sunday, September 28, 2008, 10:09 PM

      Nothing is falling apart.  Please read the notice again.  But I will mention it is up to all members to find a location not just Me or Tricia. :)  There is a SCA presence in the Northeast corner of Smoking Rocks and it can be developed as we talked in more then Tuesday nights and Fencing.  A suggestion would be find a location and have A & S meetings.  Freehold had plenty of delays and Smoking Rocks has had many delays, there is no reason we will not have delays.  Our delays will be dictated by how many people are involved to help with locations and meetings.
      Second, please read both posts again.  Sundays have nothing to do with Tuesday.  Sunday was already in the works before we knew we lost the Tuesday location. If I remember correctly I think you were excited because Sunday would allow the Bman a chance to fence. At the time I made the decision to spend the gas and Tricia and I decided to give up two Saturdays a month to help Smoking Rocks in addition to what we have been doing on Tuesdays.
       It is four dollars per person as it always has been.  We cannot expect Master Pat to shoulder all the rent and electric bills every month.  As it is many months he pays 80% or more out of his pocket. If you both fenced it would be eight dollars. If you watched as you normally do it would be four.  As on Tuesdays you must be 18 to be on the floor so I'm not sure were you are getting twelve.
      Let's find answers and not panic.  If everyone is involved we will find a new location and we will resume Tuesday night fencing.  Our friends in Boston are doing the same thing.  The War Memorial is still closed for construction so they found a new home on Thurdays nights. It is the way things work.


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      We will not be able to attend this with the combination of gas (6 gallons for a round trip for us) plus $12 each time we attend, it is not feasible at the moment.  We're really prettry frustrated because we were both so excited to have an SCA presence in Carver so we could do things and now it's falling apart.

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      Subject: [fortressthreemonke yskulls] LHA Sunday Afternoon Fencing in Fall River!!
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      Date: Sunday, September 28, 2008, 9:13 PM

      Talking to Master Pat and trying to work around calendars we are
      going to start LHA fencing every other Sunday at 3:00 PM. This is a
      huge event as in both SCA time and Real time become one and the same;
      3:00 PM :) There is a four dollar per person, per training date
      charge for all that come. This goes totally to Master Pat to pay the
      bills for the hall. So starting next Sunday the Schedule will be as

      Sunday, Oct 5th @ 3:00 PM
      Sunday, Oct 19th @ 3:00 PM
      Sunday, Nov 2nd @ 3:00 PM
      Sunday, Nov 16th @ 3:00 PM

      To help answer so basic questions here are some guidelines;

      This is for newbie and skilled fighters. However skilled fighters
      might be called upon to show newer fighters some techinques.

      We have limited loaner gear, so bring as much as of your own as you
      can as the rules will be enforced and all must wear proper protection
      to fight and train on the floor.

      Childern will be allowed. I suggest if they come, have them bring
      something to do as they will only be allowed on the stage. If you
      bring them you will need to control them. :)

      Location; Medival Academy, Fall River, MA

      Philippe Packard

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