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985New Years Resolutions

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  • ppackard0218
    Dec 4 6:33 PM
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      Yes it is that time again were we start thinking of making big changes. Am I going on one of those new fancy diets or join the gym? We will plan and spend thousands of dollars just like we did last year and some how a few months into the year we forget what those resolutions were. I have one word for all of you that will make that change that will last this 2014, that word is fencing. There are no membership fees, no monthly dues, and no special diets you have to follow. Some interesting facts revealed in a recent unscientific study; Fencers live longer, fencers get better looking partners the heavy fighters, fencers can eat more chocolate then non-fencers and not put on weight, fencers are better drivers then archers, fencers win the lottery 25 percent more then A & S folk. Male bald fencers grow their hair back within a year, female fencers see an increase in muscle mass in the chest area each month they fence. Fencers get the dream job they always wanted three times more often then non-fencers. So with all these unproven facts you have to ask yourself, “what in the world have I been thinking!?! I should be dancing and poking people with a rapier for 2014.”

      Your luck is about to change and all these wonderful things could come true for you, be watching as we will be posting dates and location in 2014 for fencing practices in the Taunton/Middleboro area.  If you have any question feel free to contact me at ppackard0218@...

      Phil aka Philippe Provost