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898Fencing in Wareham/Plymouth

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  • Phil
    Feb 10, 2012
      Good new to those that might be interesting in fencing in the Wareham/Plymouth area. After going thru the process for a couple months the board at the church we have been talking to has approved our request to use one of their rooms. I need to meet with the Pastor to work out the details before it is a done deal. But this was a huge step in having an indoor location for the long term. Once things are in place we will be developing a new format for training in the area of fencing and re-enacting. This will be strictly LHA style fencing and re-enacting. This location also offers an out door area as after we get up and going we could use like on some Sunday afternoons or in the summer nights. We also have one, maybe two colleges in the area that are on board and will be promoting the program. After I have worked out the details with the Pastor we will provide all info including location and times. We are very excited about the long term benefits to having this location and the relationships it will build with the church and schools.

      Philippe Provost
      Gisele Starkey
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