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722The Status of Rapier in Bridge, Smoking Rocks and Dragon's Aerie

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  • Timothy Sanders
    Jul 11, 2010
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      I went into our database today to figure out how many Rapier Fighters we could field at one time if everybody who is authorized showed up at one time. The answer:
      35 to 40!
      The +/- 5 is due to not being sure how many people have allowed their authorizations to expire. We've also lost a few to life in the past few years.
      I would really like to be able to field 50 fighters by Pennsic 40.
      So here's the deal... If you've allowed your Rapier authorizations to expire, or if you've dropped out and would like to come back, or if you've been thinking of playing with Rapier and didn't know where to start, contact one of these Marshals:
      In Bridge: Enzo Fishmonger enzofishmonger@... or Sheumais Stuart jessebentley05@...
      In Smoking Rocks: Pancho Sanchez riddler508@...
      In BBM: Tristan le Sauvage pyrat101@...
      We still have a regularly meeting practice at 66 Church St, Warren, RI. Monday 7PM LHA style, Thursday 7PM SCA style. If you need a ride to practice you can contact the Marshal in your area and they will attempt to assist you.
      Tristan le Sauvage

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