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428A word of Thanks

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  • Phil
    Apr 1 6:16 AM
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      I wanted to take a couple minutes and thank a couple people. First thank you Master Pat for the years of managing the Academy and shouldering the financial challenges that went with having such a great spot. The Academy is where I got started in the SCA and LHA. I made a few friends I might have never met otherwise and I learned a bunch about fencing and the SCA/LHA cultures. Thank you very much.

      I would like to thank Collin and Mali for having the foresight to influence the barony to get a storage unit and for mustering an effort this weekend to move as much as we could into that storage. I would also like to thank those that came to help, otherwise it would have been there a very long time without your help. So thank you Tim, Amy, Our Baron and Baroness, Jakob, Nest and her husband, Enzo, Dave and anyone that might have come after I took a load to storage. You guys put time aside and even re-scheduled your days to help move things out. That is awesome in my mind. A special thank to Mali who spent her birthday at the academy trying to help manage the move.

      Change can be good if we make it so. I know Master Pat is working on a new location. Enzo and I are talking about more combined training and an event with the two LHA fencing groups this fall. Thanks again to everyone that made the Academy what it was and to all that helped moving all the gear we could.

      Most Respectfully,
      Philippe Provost