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Whom does messenger of the Gods quote?

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  • tadfrompoland
    A man s homeland is wherever he prospers. Aristophanes CNNTEXT, p. 178 Quote for today 7 July 2002 Although literally the above quote appears in many
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      "A man's homeland is wherever he prospers."
      CNNTEXT, p. 178 "Quote for today" 7 July 2002

      Although literally the above quote appears in many places in
      Internet (see, for example, the page "Aristophanes Quotes -- The
      Quotations Page" at www.quotationspage.com/quotes/Aristophanes/), in
      the play "Plutus" it appears as the sentence "Where I live well,
      there is my country" (see, for example, the English translation of
      the Aristophanes's play at textkit.com/files/plutus.pdf). The
      greatest ancient writer of humorous plays, mentioned also by one
      Berliner, academic that worked in Humboldt-Universität
      on=m&mid=322), had used quotations marks in "Plutus" eleven times.
      Only in the case of POVERTY ("Oh! citizens of Argos! do you hear
      what he says?") and just in the case of HERMES ("Where I live well,
      there is my country") it isn't obvious whom do they quote.
      Incidentally, POVERTY seems to quote AGORACRITUS, a Sausage-Seller
      from another Aristophanes's play "The Knights."

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