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RE: [formsPlayer] Setting xf:textarea width

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    Mark/anyone just dragging the old sizing topic up again; this is a very useful workaround, but is there any way of applying it to individual controls using
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      just dragging the old "sizing" topic up again; this is a very useful
      workaround, but is there any way of applying it to individual controls using
      FormsPlayer? Or better still paramaterising it with a control attribute?



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      > If you put a border around the textarea
      > xf\:textarea {height: 20em; width: 40em; border: thin black solid}
      > you'll see what is happening - the *whole* control is being
      > styled. What you want is to style the input area of the
      > textarea, and the 'official'
      > way to do this is:
      > xf:\textarea::value {height: 20em; width: 40em}

      That's right--please see 'Anatomy of a control' for a diagram of the parts
      of a control:


      > But this uses CSS3 selectors, which IE doesn't support, so as
      > a workaround, FormsPlayer uses a class ".value" to mark the
      > input part of controls. So I would expect:
      > xf\:textarea .value {...}
      > to work (note the space before .value). However, it doesn't seem to.
      > .value {...}
      > does work, but affects *all* controls, so either I am doing
      > something wrong (not unlikely), or this is a bug.

      You're not doing anything 'wrong' Steven, it's just that due to limitations
      of IE we were unable to get this to work:

      xf\:textarea .value {...}

      which as you say would be the ideal way to do it. However, we do have the
      following workaround:

      .textarea-value {...}

      The same pattern (.output-value, .input-value, etc.) applies to the rest of
      the controls. It's illustrated in the skimstone link given above, with all
      xf:inputs getting a light green background.



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