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824Re: [forms-dev] Re: {include file assign} / {input...} issues

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  • Manuel Lemos
    Dec 9, 2006
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      on 11/30/2006 12:52 PM Shekar C. Reddy said the following:
      > Sorry again for typing wrong code, Manuel - because I could not copy
      > it from my code as I was away from my machine. Yes, the operator
      > used is ' == ' with spaces on its either side. It bombs with:
      > syntax error: unrecognized tag 'input' (Smarty_Compiler.class.php,
      > line 580)
      > However, the following code works by properly skipping the line that
      > attempts to render $page.xx var if the $page.type is != 'form' as
      > there is no var with the name $page.xx:
      > {if $page.type == 'form'}
      > {$page.xx}
      > {/if}
      > For sometime, I thought it was Smarty compiler's problem with the
      > {if} tag rendition but later noticed it works with the non-existent
      > $page.xx var but does not work with the input tag. Input tag works
      > (or gets skipped) only if the forms class is instantiated. Another
      > thing I noticed is, if I include the input tags using a separate
      > template file, it works/skips if page.type is != form. So far, the
      > best workaround I found is to use different templates for forms-
      > based and non-forms based pages where non-forms based pages do not
      > instantiate the forms class and its templates do not have any
      > references to input tags.

      Of course, when you use the forms class plug-in you must have created a
      a form object so it composes the form output. The Smarty plug-in for
      the forms class always calls the class to add data parts even when there
      are no inputs. So either you use the forms class to compose the output
      or you don't.


      Manuel Lemos

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