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7Re: formsgenerationandvalidation - Possible bug

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  • Manuel Lemos
    Sep 10, 2004
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      Hello Pavel,

      Your end ISP mail.ru is rejecting messages sent by my server, so I am
      replying here in the hope that you get this message.

      On 09/10/2004 07:34 AM, Pavel Shershnev wrote:
      > Hello Manuel,
      > I have a little problem, possibly a bug.
      > I'm making a form with labels and error messages in Russian
      > (windows-1251) and the form looks and works fine except one
      > little thing, the JavaScript alerts for errors show up in
      > gibberish.
      > this is what I wanted
      > "ValidationErrorMessage"=>"Ââåäèòå ïàðîëü!",
      > this is what I get
      > alert(unescape('%C2')+unescape('%E2')+unescape('%E5')+unescape('%E4')+unescape('%E8')+unescape('%F2')+unescape('%E5')+' '+unescape('%EF')+unescape('%E0')+unescape('%F0')+unescape('%EE')+unescape('%EB')+unescape('%FC')+'!')

      Hummm... it seems that unescape turns characters into ISO-8859-1 instead
      of the page encoding. Can you please send me a test script that uses the
      class so I can try to reproduce and fix the problem?


      Manuel Lemos

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