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Atlantic Community suppresses debate and is a fraud upon NATO

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  • Peter Dow
    From Peter Dow of the For Freedom Forums and Republican Intelligence forums   An open letter to: Joerg Wolf and the atlantic-community.org editorial team  
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2012
      From Peter Dow of the For Freedom Forums and Republican Intelligence forums
      An open letter to: Joerg Wolf and the atlantic-community.org editorial team
      Dear Joerg,
      I am writing to you in very angry terms and copying my letter to the military intelligence community to complain about your Atlantic Community editorial practice and to expose your organisation as a deceitful fraud upon the NATO countries and therefore harmful to the organisation of the discussion of security issues.
      If you are funded by NATO or other security organisations, you should lose all funding. You are fraudsters who have taken money on the pretext of organising a quality debate yet with that money you have taken, you have used it only to suppress proper open debate.
      It is clear in your website that you claim to assist NATO with the debate of security issues but although I have been a member with your site for a number of years and have submitted many articles for publication and made many comments on other submissions, I see that none of my articles nor comments remain.
      Here is the link to my profile.
      Yet when I click "See all comments" none of my comments found.
      When I click "See all articles" no publications are found.
      You have suppressed my all my articles and deleted all my comments. Are you fascists with no commitment to openness and democratic debate?
      Perhaps you'd like people of my point of view exterminated like your Adolf Hitler did?
      You have suppressed my point of view from the Atlantic Council publications and comments.
      To be fair to you, you have allowed me to keep my profile but why you have not simply banned my membership as well I do not know.
      You are cheats and liars of the lowest order of men.
      You should be exposed as a poorly run organisation which promotes only weak ideas harmful to NATO and Western security and you suppress good ideas which would strengthen NATO securty.
      Atlantic Community under your editorial control is a menace to NATO and Western civilisation. Possibly you should be arrested for working for the enemy though I suspect the enemy is simply your own stupidity and incompetence.
      Yours sincerely,
      Peter Dow,
      For Freedom Forums
       and Republican Intelligence Forum

      --- On Tue, 24/1/12, Atlantic Community <info@...> wrote:

      From: Atlantic Community <info@...>
      Subject: Our biggest policy competition yet! Win 500 EUR and a trip to Berlin to present your ideas to NATO!
      To: "Peter" <peterdow@...>
      Date: Tuesday, 24 January, 2012, 6:08

      ATLANTIC COMMUNITY - The Open Think Tank on Foreign Policy


       Your Ideas, Your NATO: 2012 Policy Workshop Competition

      Dear Peter,

      We’re excited to announce our new policy workshop competition, “Your Ideas, Your NATO”.
      “Your Ideas, Your NATO” is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students and young professionals to share their policy recomendations on important issues that will be debated at the NATO Summit in Chicago: partnerships with Arab Spring countries, spending more efficiently on defense, and building transatlantic values and community. You can debate and draft a policy memo with your peers from other NATO Member and Partner countries and win 500 EUR and a trip to Berlin (round-trip airfare and 4 nights’ accommodation) to present your ideas to decision makers!
      Check out the full announcement on atlantic-community.org:

      “Your Ideas, Your NATO” is open to young people in all 28 NATO Member countries and 37 Partner countries, so this promises to be our biggest competition ever.
      You as an Atlantic Community member are important to its success, so please spread the word! Forward this email to your friends, colleagues, students, interns and anyone else you think might be interested. You can help Atlantic Community connect young people to the transatlantic debate.
      And if you are a young member (under 35), enter the competition! We’re counting on our members to lead the way in developing new and innovative policy ideas. The deadline for submissions in the first category is February 23.
      Good luck and best regards,

      Joerg Wolf and the atlantic-community.org editorial team
      Atlantische Initiative e.V.
      c/o Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance
      Wilhelmstraße 67
      10117 Berlin
      Tel.: +49 - 30 - 206 337 88
      Fax:  +49 - 30 - 246 303 633
      Email: staff@...
      Amtsgericht Berlin Charlottenburg
      Registernummer: VR 23583Nz
      Vorstand: Dr. Johannes Bohnen, Jan-Friedrich Kallmorgen
      Atlantic-community.org is the Open Think Tank on Foreign Policy with more than 6000 members. Join for free and contribute with your ideas: http://www.atlantic-community.org/index/users/register
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