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Re: [forensic-science] Re: Gender Test

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  • Cynnara
    Sorry, I didn t respond to this earlier. Unfortunately, I live in the area where Hurricane Jeanne decided to hit with force, so I ve only now had a chance to
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 29, 2004
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      Sorry, I didn't respond to this earlier. Unfortunately, I live in the area
      where Hurricane Jeanne decided to hit with force, so I've only now had a
      chance to get back to normal.

      First, the remains are ancient and were mummified. The curiousity is that
      there have been people who've said female, some who've said male. The problem
      is in finding enough sample to run a test. I used gender only because of the
      fact, that even experts aren't agreeing as to either male or female. That was
      enough for me to be cautious. Since there are restrictions regarding the
      amount of material that's allowed to be used for DNA testing, the question
      came up regarding how much DNA is really needed to be able to determine if
      it's male/female/hermaphrodite/etc.

      I'm sorry for not being more specific on this. However, this area regarding
      the amount of DNA needed to conduct these types of test doesn't seem to be
      easily found, especially in regards to ancient remains.

      Forgive me for not getting back to this sooner.



      On Fri, 24 Sep 2004 12:13:17 -0700, Hoyt Tillman wrote
      > I admit I haven't been following this thread. But I believe someone
      > correctly pointed out the difference between sex and gender. It is a
      > difference I am very much aware of, but do not always make in
      > conversation. I assume we are discussing the sex of this person, not
      > the gender. There are easy ways of determining sex, i.e., male,
      > female, hermaphrodite, intersex, etc. I don't know of any conclusive
      > tests for gender, i.e., heterosexual, homosexual, cross-dresser,
      > bi-sexual. There are suggestions of gender, i.e. same sex or
      > difference sex discharge from another individual found on the person;
      > cosmetics or material fibers; hormone therapy; and plastic surgery,
      > etc, etc.
      > I think that we could best help you, if you told us what you had and
      > how old it is. There are methods that would never be used in court
      > that you might use with your person. I think that the burden of
      > evidence in a historical or archeological case would be lower than at
      > a criminal trial.
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