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Re: In vivo embalment I suppose I forgot to post back the results of the experiment. I went to home depot a few months ago and rented the Flir thermal camera. I then attached the
Mar 9
Call for Papers: International Journal of Medical Toxicology and For International Journal of Medical Toxicology and Forensic Medicine(IJMTFM) www.toxir.com   Dear our Colleague International Journal of Medical Toxicology and
Babak Mostafazadeh
Jan 11
Global traumatic brain injury research and prevention initiative Global traumatic brain injury research and prevention initiative http://www.neuropractices.com/index.php/en/forms “Global traumatic brain injury research and
Dec 30, 2013
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Happy new year 2014 Dear Friends Wish you a very very happy new year 2014. May God bless you and all your desires come true. Have a happy healthy, peaceful & joyful new year  
Rakesh Gorea
Dec 28, 2013
3rd Annual Conference of INPAFO on Jan 18-19, 2014 Dear Friends 3rd Annual Conference of Indo Pacific Academy of Forensic Odontology is going to be held on January 18-19, 2014 at Punjabi University Patiala in
Rakesh Gorea
Nov 14, 2013
Interpol 2013 IFSMS Reviews Dear Colleagues, Please not that the Interpol 2013 IFSMS Reviews are available for downloading at the Interpol web site -
Nadav Levin
Nov 10, 2013
Re: position of skeletal remains? Do you way legal, geographical, or hard-science information? The shortest answer, assuming untouched by the origiginal suspect is DAMNUM FATALI, or ... Damages
Nov 5, 2013
Re: position of skeletal remains? I am not an expert in decomposition of bodies. How is your body in an 'undisturbed location'? If it is a skeleton then there needs to be something that would
Nov 5, 2013
Re: position of skeletal remains? Have you ever heard of Medgar Evers? If not look up the exhumation of his body which happened around three decades after he was murdered. You may find the
Satish Sekar
Nov 4, 2013
position of skeletal remains? After some light research I have gathered that, 30+ years after death, a skeleton would not have remained intact. Suppose this: the body was left laying down,
Nov 4, 2013
Happy Diwali from Dr Gorea ... Sent from my iPhone [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
Nov 3, 2013
Re: Thank you: Blood flow in the body. Hi thanks for your answer. Regards Clive   Clive Woollands, www.offthebookshelf.com/authors/1874-clive-woollands#1041
Oct 30, 2013
Re: Question: Blood flow in the body. The short answer could be Yes. Ambient temperature has a lot to do with how liquid the fluids remain. It is one of the indicators that the crime scene has been
Oct 30, 2013
Re: question: 1981 techniques? 'antemortem blood typing beyond ABO and Rh (D) systems would be extremely unlikely' Unless I have misunderstood your point, that will come as a shock to all
Oct 28, 2013
Re: question: 1981 techniques? ... It's for sure that I misunderstood. I overlooked altogether the premise "sisters with the same blood type". In common parlance "blood type" means the type
Charles Brenner
Oct 28, 2013
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Re: question: 1981 techniques? I may have misunderstood the original post, but I took the original post of the sisters having the same blood type to mean they had the same blood groups. On
Satish Sekar
Oct 28, 2013
Re: question: 1981 techniques? Thank you all so much! This was extremely helpful. I perhaps should have elaborated more on the plot- at this point in the story the evidence leads all to
Oct 28, 2013
Re: question: 1981 techniques? Charlie Chaplin was wrongly accused of paternity in the 40s and rather luckily the ABO results happened to be such as to scientifically prove he was not the
Charles Brenner
Oct 27, 2013
Re: question: 1981 techniques? Sorry if I'm being a bit dense here but wouldn't it be more scientifically and forensically authentic not to be able to distinguish between the sisters in 1981
Satish Sekar
Oct 27, 2013
Question: Blood flow in the body. I know that when someone dies and the heart stops beating and pumping blood around the body, that the blood rests in the body's lowest point to the ground it's
Oct 27, 2013
Re: question: 1981 techniques? In 1981 (or today) antemortem blood typing beyond ABO and Rh (D) systems would be extremely unlikely unless one or both of the sisters were lab
Dave Hause
Oct 27, 2013
Re: question: 1981 techniques? At 01:50 PM 10/27/2013, suilven brought up the good idea of non-genetic methods. As for genetic methods, yes, before DNA there were the blood group systems.
Charles Brenner
Oct 27, 2013
Re: question: 1981 techniques? It will be quite easy to make the second part of this accurate! There was no forensically reliable way of dating dried blood in 1981, and in general then (and
Oct 27, 2013
question: 1981 techniques? Hello, I am hoping a few of you might share your expertise, so that I might write an accurate scene in my mystery novel. In 1981, if two sisters with the same
Oct 27, 2013
Re: In vivo embalment Just occurred to me that a thermograph would be conclusive on this, since embalmed tissue has no blood flow, and so no heat. Something as simple as a handheld
Oct 16, 2013
Re: Thank you - Question - Blood samples Glad to have been able to help, Clive. -cari Forensic Nurse Professionals, Inc. Cari Caruso RN SANE-A Simi Valley, California 93063 Office: 805 522-9939
Sep 25, 2013
Re: Thank you - Question - Blood samples Hi Cari and Christy, thanks for the links. The information I needed, I have found on the links you gave. Thanks very much, Clive   Clive Woollands,
Sep 25, 2013
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Re: Question - Blood samples There actually are field tests that can be done. I have seen them on various forensic websites including:
Sep 24, 2013
Re: Question - Blood samples Dear Mr. Clive Woollands,   It could be done only in laboratory or else you cannot do it on isolated area.   Thanks and Regards   Kirit Raval   From:
Sep 24, 2013
Re: Question - Blood samples Google search for 'home blood typing'
Sep 24, 2013
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