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ISO: 64-70 Galaxie or T-Bird bucket seats

I'm looking for a pair of 64-70 ford Galaxie/T-bird bucket seats in decent shape. any color but must not have any rips or tears. Fading is Ok, I can dye them
Mar 17

All original 1957 Ford Sunliner

Hey guys (and gals)  I am selling a car for a friend of mine that was just diagnosed with Cancer. He has to sell his baby that he just bought to pay for
Kenny Anderson
Jan 24

Ford Movie To Watch on NetFlix

Hey guys, I just watched a movie on Netflix. It was a pretty good and interesting movie about Ford Motor Company back in the late 1960's and how they tried to
Kenny Anderson
Jan 23

Bucket Seats needed

Speaking of Galaxie Bucket Seats, Does anyone have a pair of decent looking bucket seats from a 1960's Galaxie XL or T-Bird? 1964 to 1970, high backs or low
Jan 20

Re: 65 Galaxie bucket seats question

Buy some Mother's Mag Wheel polish and use their polishing tool that fits into your drill or screwgun. That will make short work of it in no time and save you
Jan 20

Re: 65 Galaxie bucket seats question

Don't forget to clear-coat everything once you are done polishing that aluminum to seal in that shine or it will oxidize real quick and all your hard work will
Jan 20

Re: 65 Galaxie bucket seats question

mine were stainless. if ursa are alluminum and need polished, this is what u do. its very easy. i checked into several ways and this is the most effective. use
Bob Faller
Jan 18

Re: 65 Galaxie bucket seats question

It is anodized aluminum. Hard to polish, since the anodizing seals the metal. Removing the anodizing creates another problem, constant polishing! Russ Owens
Jan 18

65 Galaxie bucket seats question

does anyone know what the polished metal is around the top of 65 Galaxie XL bucket seats? Looks to me like it is stainless steel but it may be polished
Jan 18

Re: Old Iowa Junkyard SUPER SALE OF THE CENTURY Nov. 5th-20th at $2.

ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT. It all ends on the 20th. On the 21st, the bulldozers and the crushers move in. I couldn't bare to see that. Hope they sell a lot of parts
Nov 17, 2016

A couple good deals

Hey guys, I just found these in my daily emails that I get for Fords and Station Wagons for sale all over the country. first is a '68 Country Squire that's
Kenny Anderson
Nov 3, 2016

Old Iowa Junkyard SUPER SALE OF THE CENTURY Nov. 5th-20th at $2.00 A

 I just got this thru my new Facebook page and had to let as many people as I can know about this.  Some of you may have already heard but I bet most haven't
Kenny Anderson
Oct 24, 2016

RARE '68 Country Squire $1500 in Indy

Hey everyone, I just spotted this on my Cargraph.com daily search results. This one is listed on the Indy craigslist. It's a red(great color) 1968 Ford Country
Kenny Anderson
Aug 10, 2016

need help with a 64 Galaxie grille measurements and ?

I need measurements of the 64 Galaxie grille from outside of the headlight bezels to the other side of the same, end to end side to side Also need the height
Jul 31, 2016

Air-Ride for my big Ford

Does anyone have any experience with airbags ? I want to put my 69 Ford Country Squire woody wagon on air so I can slam it for car shows but bring it right
Jul 21, 2016
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