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Re: [Ford Galaxie Club] Windshield

Have you tried Safelite glass Sent from my HTC One on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network ... From: "galaxierus@... [fordgalaxieclub]"
Mar 26

Re: Windshield

Any 65-68 full size sedan or wagon will fit. Hardtops and convertibles will noit. Russ Owens 65-66 Galaxie Collector Milwaukee WI In a message dated 3/26/2015
Mar 26


Hey All, I picked up a 1968 Mercury Commuter wagon. I need to find a replacement windshield for it. Any suggestions as where I might find one?
Mar 26

Hard starting

Does anyone like the sound and pitch of a Galaxie when it is cranking during a hard start?t
Mar 24

Re: 302 Engine

He sure put a lot of thought into this build , not to mention , the money put into it already, my son and two friends from school , all three boys , seniors ,
mike gilligan
Mar 9

Re: 302 Engine

That sure sounds like a serious build and good luck. I always liked the idea of rebuilding one but do not have a source close to me to walk things through and
Mar 9

Re: 302 Engine

My son is building his first motor , it's a 302 we saved out of a '78 Ford F-150 we parted out. He just had it hot tanked , bored .030 over, due to budget, he
mike gilligan
Mar 9

Re: 302 Engine

Kenny, Thanks for responding. I am glad that there are some people still hanging on to the Yahoo grp. My 66 was originally a 289 that I replaced with a used
Mar 9

Re: 302 Engine

       Eric,        I'm quite sure there are still some Diehard yahoo group members still here in the Yahoo group   Not everyone has gone to
Kenny Anderson
Mar 7

302 engines

Hope that some people from this group are still getting/responding to questions. Can somebody please let me know what exactly is the Ford 302 from 1968-1980
Mar 6

Country Squire dashpad covers avail.

kenny, I looked at the site. Those pieces look to be ABS plastic overlays, which have been available for awhile. They are a good choice for an inexpensive
Feb 21

1963-up Galaxie dashpadcovers

Hey everyone. Happy New year to all my fellow members. I want to let everyone in the group know about a company that I just found by accident that makes dash
Feb 21

Happy Holidays & an Upside Down Ford

Hey everyone. I just want to wish everyone in the club/group a very merry xmas and a happy new year as well and hope everyone gets atleast one Galaxie part
Dec 15, 2014

120mph speedometers in a 6 cylinder car ???

Do you know why your speedometer on your antique Ford reads 120mph and your family sedan or your wife's minivan boast of high speeds that it simply can’t
Kenny Anderson
Oct 29, 2014

Found a SUPER SUPER RARE '68 Country Squire

FYI, I just found a really rare 1968 LTD Country Squire for sale in Colorado. This is a rare original car with the 428 4-bbl. , factory air cond., 9-passenger
Sep 30, 2014
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