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Moved to Mumbai

  Hi Guys, I have a petrol fusion and have just moved to Nahar , Chandivali in Mumbai, Can you guys please suggest a local garage for me to maintain the car ?
parag gupta
May 21

Re: upper/dipper malfunctioning

One expensive lesson I learned. For any malfunction, go to Ford ASS. On Thu, May 21, 2015 at 11:04 AM, Ishaan meet_ishaan@... [fordfusion]
Basab Ghosh
May 21

upper/dipper malfunctioning

Dear Fusioners, My Fusion is having a problem,  in the daytime the headlight suddenly becomes ON even if the Headlght switch is OFF. After repeated use of
May 20

Re: Distance To Go Keeps Fluctuating

You might want to get the VSS checked. Have the tech hook up the car to the diagnostics computer and it should light up the VSS. Again it could also indicate
May 19

Distance To Go Keeps Fluctuating

Hello everyone, My 2006 FF has some problem in MID The Distance to Empty/Go keeps on fluctuating Some it drastically decreases and sometimes it increases while
May 18

Wrong engine oil

seems they poured the corrosive brake fluid into the engine of basabdas fusion. isaac -- isaac thomas hyderabad/kochi india mobile +919848096462/+919747547473
Isaac Thomas
May 17

Re: A Fusioner's Delight

Sorry, do not know the make, only that it was red in colour instead of the green colour coolant sold by Ford workshop. Advise you stick to the Ford supplied
Basab Ghosh
May 16

Re: A Fusioner's Delight

Dear Basabda, Can you kindly provide details of what coolant was used so that others in the group may avoid such a harrowing and expensive experience. Regards
May 15

Re: A Fusioner's Delight

My mistake really, I had asked my son to take it for servicing to the Bosch garage nearby instead of the Ford ASS as I was away for a few days. It seems they
Basab Ghosh
May 15

Re: A Fusioner's Delight

On 14 May 2015 at 18:58, Basab Ghosh bxghosh@... [fordfusion] < ... oops! What exactly went wrong? And also what would the equivalent cost be in another
Glifford Menezes
May 15

Re: A Fusioner's Delight

@BasabGreat!! and a real fusioner u r.... On Thursday, 14 May 2015 7:23 PM, "Basab Ghosh bxghosh@... [fordfusion]" wrote:  
ArunRaj R.S
May 14

Re: A Fusioner's Delight

Yes, and for that feeling, I just spent about one lakh to change the complete cooling system, the engine head and the alternator! On May 14, 2015 6:10 PM,
Basab Ghosh
May 14

Re: A Fusioner's Delight [2 Attachments]

Thats Fusion!!Fusions is not just a car..... it is a kind of feeling Arun2006FF+Petrol  :) On Sunday, 10 May 2015 12:11 PM, "a_anand84@... [fordfusion]"
ArunRaj R.S
May 14

Re: A Fusioner's Delight

Was driving back home from Bangalore Airport after a night-out. Had 2 friends who were a bit high. Fortunately, I hadn't touched alcohol that night. It was
May 11

Re: A Fusioner's Delight

Sniff sniff - I am in (come to think of it I have that beaut - the same white FF from the tarmac). Since there is mush all around , wanted to share my love
Sankhadeep Bhattacharya
May 11
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