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[forcefieldpropulsionphysics] Re: Re:UFO humming noise

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  • cyrano@aqua.ocn.ne.jp
    Dear Steve, ... Interestingly,this very same wording un bourdonnement d abeilles ,a swarm of bees ,was apparently first described in 1954 by Antoine
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2000
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      Dear Steve,

      >The sound was
      >described as "a swarm of bees". One claimed "a paper clip caught in a
      >vacuum cleaner hose".

      Interestingly,this very same wording "un bourdonnement d'abeilles",a "swarm
      of bees",was apparently first described in 1954 by Antoine Mazeau,from the
      "hameau de MouriƩras" on the "plateau de Millevaches".
      In the case of Mazeau he,first,met a bizarre creature who came to him,took
      his hands,then went back in a bizarre machine which left away in the
      direction of the city of Limoges where,just a few hours afterwards,the
      famous Marius Dewilde case occurred(vision of the "little scaphanders" or
      humanoids,with paralysis).

      This started the 1954 "little scaphanders" "wave" in Europe.


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