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antigravity and levitation

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  • Petar Bosnic
    Antigravity and levitation Real and apparent levitation Levitation is always levitating, or floating in relation to something, or in regard to something - in
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2006
      Antigravity and levitation
      Real and apparent levitation

      Levitation is always levitating, or floating in
      relation to something, or in regard to something - in
      regard to magnet, or body with electrostatic charge;
      in regard to surface of Earth or some other celestial

      We need to different real and apparent levitation.
      Real levitation is in fact weightless state.- state in
      which body lose or have lost its weight. All cases of
      levitation in which the body retain entire its weight
      are cases of apparent levitation.

      Those, apparent cases of levitation are: magnetic and
      diamagnetic, electrostatic, aerodynamic etc.etc. It is
      achieved by acting of reppelant force between magnetic
      poles or electrostatic charges, or some other way.
      Apparent levitation is very usefull and is used in
      many ways in contemporary technology: magnet bearings,
      maglev trains, helicopters, hovercrafts etc.etc. But
      this kind of levitation is functional and efficacious
      only at a small distances.

      Real levitation, is in fact weightless state. It was
      achieved by circular, i.e. orbital movement in Earths
      gravitational field. Eg. Levitation of astronauts in
      their spaceships. In that kind of movement, gravity
      functions as a centripetal force – force curving the
      trajectory of the moving body into circular shape.
      Mass of the body react, i.e. resist to the changing of
      its line of motion. Consequence of that resistance,
      i.e. inertia of the mass of body – at the velocity
      7,9km /sec.- is weightless state – real levitation.
      Inertia of body mass manifests itself as a centrifugal
      force. Centrifugal force is a reaction to the
      centrifugal force action (Newton, 3).

      Weightless state, i.e. real levitation is, however a
      consequence of equality of centripetal and centrifugal
      force During that levitation, bodies are losing only
      its weight, but not its mass neither inertia. This
      kind of levitation is functional and efficacious also
      at a very large distances.

      Permanent real levitation is needed to maintain
      satelites in its orbit, but it is wery bad for human

      Equation to find the velocity of levitation, vl is as
      vl = square GM/R ,
      where The G is gravitational constant, M is mass of
      Earth and R is a radius, i.e. distance of satelite
      from the center of gravity of Earth.

      In a lowest orbits it is cca 7,9km/sec. In a higher
      orbits, this velocity is lesser.
      Geostationary satelites are levitating above the
      certain point at the equator orbiting the Earth by
      velocity cca 3,05km/sec. Its angular velocity is equal
      to that of Earth.
      Moon is levitating in relation to Earth on a base of
      velocity of 1,002km/sec.
      Earth is levitating in regard to Sun on a base of the
      velocity of 30km/sec.,arround Sun.

      Gravifugal levitation. In all cases in which gravity
      functions as a centripetal force, instead of terms
      centripetal and centrifugal, it is better to use terms
      gravipetal and gravifugal. Gravifugal force is
      reaction to the gravipetal force action. It is real
      Speaking in theese terms, real levitation is a
      consequence of equality and cancelling out of
      gravifugal and gravipetal force.

      Electrofugal levitation is also real levitation.
      Electron orbiting atom nuclei is in a weightless state
      in regard to that nuclei – in a state of levitation.

      We also can speak about magnetofugal and nucleofugal
      levitation.Those are also a kinds of real levitation.

      Antigravitational levitation – yet not found - just a
      wish. On a base of contemporary physics is not
      possible to understand internal structure or real base
      of this wish. It is not possible to understand or
      imagine how to create antigravitational force, field,
      or so called shield.

      Meditative and paranormal levitation – also only wish,
      up today. See Gravifugal levitation

      Human needs to leave the surface of Earth, to wisit
      other celestial bodies and to live in the space is
      possible to realize by using gravifugal force and
      gravifugal levitation. In other papers I have shown
      that it is possible to use this kind of levitation in
      a quite different and muhc more economic manner than
      this that was used in astronautical practice up now.

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