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Jack's UFO Technology

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  • Bill Hamilton
    This will not be an easy message to read as it contains some high level math, but please be patient and read what you will. Dr. Jack Sarfatti, theoretical
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2003
      This will not be an easy message to read as it contains some high level
      math, but please be patient and read what you will. Dr. Jack Sarfatti,
      theoretical physicist and general maverick, claims that he has finally
      achieved insight into UFO propulsion and star travel and is laying the
      foundation for engineering starships.

      Here I made an attempt to clarify his theory with me to a level I could
      understand and this he attempts to do and asked me to pass it on. Jack is
      attempting to communicate his science to an intelligent lay audience. To
      many he seems arrogant about his claims and challenges other scientists on
      theirs, but if this genius has something notable to contribute, perhaps we
      should make an attempt to understand what he is trying to communicate.

      This message contains my questions to him and his replies to me.
      From: "Jack Sarfatti" <sarfatti@...> To: "Bill Hamilton"
      <skycom22@...> Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2003 11:38 AM
      Subject: North Korea Nuclear Weapons & The Real UFO Disclosure Finally!

      On Tuesday, April 1, 2003, at 07:17 AM, Bill Hamilton wrote:

      Dr. Jack,

      Please bear with me as I have only had undergrad physics and did not
      continue to pursue the degree in engineering that I would have liked though
      I continue to have an abiding interest in saucer (generic) propulsion and
      have personally seen their aerodynamic behavior within our atmosphere.

      Jack write: Yes, I have now qualitatively explained how they fly in terms of
      basic laws of physics. Note that the concept of the LOCAL residual zero
      point fluctuation field /\zpf(x) from mainly the electron and photon quantum
      electrodynamic fields is not familiar to even mainstream physicists yet.
      They are still stuck into thinking of Einstein's "cosmological constant" /\
      as a "constant" not a local variable field. That is because they do not have
      the detailed vacuum dynamics I have developed based on standard ideas that
      they have not connected up the way I have.

      Bill: You mention virtual electrons and positrons as well as photons having
      a gravity effect.

      Jack: Yes, this is standard text book found in John Peacock's "Cosmological
      Physics" pp 24-26, but without the macro-quantum coherence order parameter.
      My theory is his theory when I let the vacuum coherence vanish. Curved
      spacetime vanishes in that limit as well! There is no gravity at all in that
      limit of the unstable pre-inflationary micro-quantum vacuum of quantum
      electrodynamics. I ignore weak and strong forces as a small correction not
      important for large scale structure of universe at least as a first

      Bill: I believe you are representing the virtual electron-positron pair with

      Jack: No not quite, that that is, is a LOCAL huge macro-quantum vacuum WAVE
      that has a humongous number of bound viritual electron-positron pairs in it
      all Bose-Einstein condensed into the same center of mass coordinate x of the
      single-pair wave function PSI(x)vac = <0|e+(x)e-(x)|0>. |PSI(x)|^2 is the
      LOCAL number density of these virtual electron-positron bound state pairs at
      spacetime event c. This is what ODLRO means in the mainstream macro-quantum
      theory of superfluids and superconductors in which I did my PhD dissertation

      Bill: Turning theory into practical engineering is my interest.

      Jack: As it is mine, but in order to do that one must first have the correct
      laws of physics. Nuclear physics leading to practical nuclear reactors and
      weapons needed Einstein's special relativity of 1905 and the quantum
      mechanics of 1925 of Heisenberg and Schrodinger in order to even ask the
      right questions that led Wheeler and Bohr in the 1930's to a plausible
      semi-classical liquid drop theory of nuclear fission and to Enrico Fermi,
      Lise Meitner, Leo Szilard et-al realizing the potential for a nuclear chain
      reaction that led to Hiroshima, Nagasaki and what may happen with North
      Korea in the near future. It's the same thing today. You could not have
      asked Einstein in 1905 to design a practical nuclear weapon simply because
      he had

      E = mc^2.

      Similarly today, you cannot ask me in 2003 to design a practical flying
      saucer weightless warp drive and star gate time machine from my exotic
      vacuum zero point energy density formula

      /\zpf(x) = Lp*^-2[1 - Lp*^3|<0|e+(x)e-(x)|0>|^2]

      It took the vast brain power of an Army of Physicists in Los Alamos, Oak
      Ridge et-al a few years to translate Einstein's 1905 theory and 1925 QM into
      The Bomb. Similarly today. With possible exception of time travelers from
      our future landing and showing us how to do it. In that regard have you seen
      my performance in Disc 2 of "Time Travel: The Art of the Possible" in the
      all new just out last month March 2003 "Special Collector's Edition DVD" of
      "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" from Paramount where I begin to prepare the
      mass public for what is about to happen in nect 20 years after Iraq et-al is

      Bill: Given that a saucer is hovering and producing a flux which does not
      change the vacuum energy density in the superfluid vacuum except to produce
      a slight anisotropy or polarity differential along the vertical axis so as
      to reduce the energy density above the craft or increase it below the craft
      to keep it hovering - emulating a pressure differential as in aircraft -
      what type of emission would the saucer generate anisotropically to produce
      thrust in any given vector?

      Jack writes: You are mistaken. There are small changes in /\zpf(x) around
      the saucer just as in the Alcubierre warp drive. /\zpf(x) is the "exotic
      matter" needed by Alcubierre for his warp drive and by Kip Thorne for his
      star gate traversable wormhole. Also Matt Visser is wrong, you do not need
      huge amounts of energy to do this. You do it gently with the Josephson-Berry
      "weak link" between a real control superconductor and the vacuum
      superconductor - a bit like the ideas Ray Chiao at UCB is playing with in
      his "Gravity Radio".

      Bruce Cornet's "reversed Doppler shift" from the saucers fits this theory

      Suppose you want to make the saucer hover in place. The saucer mass is M so
      you need to balance its weight Mg with /\zpf slightly negative at top of
      saucer and /\ zpf slightly positive at bottom of saucer. This is the
      Bondi-Terletsky "vacuum propeller" whose history is in a paper by the
      recently late Bob Forward on "Negative Matter Propulsion". Simply replace
      "negative matter" by my exotic vacuum /\zpf field whose existence on large
      scale is now confirmed by NASA WMAP space probe to accuracy ~ 2%, i.e. 96%
      of the "stuff" of the universe is invisible exotic vacuum of which 73% is
      repulsive gravity "dark energy" with /\zpf >0 and 23% is attractive gravity
      "dark matter" with /\zpf < 0. Only 4% of all the gravitating stuff in the
      universe (i.e. our local Hubble past light cone that we can detect with our
      electromagnetic technology) is ordinary real on mass shell matter 3/4 of
      which is hydrogen and helium in dust clouds in deep space and 1/4 i.e 1% of
      total stuff of universe is the heavy elements "star stuff" from supernova
      explosions the planets and us are made from.

      Note that /\zpf > 0 at base of hovering saucer gives a universal gravity
      blue shift which can cause plasma ionization of air below the saucer as is
      observed and discussed by Paul Hill in "Unconventional Flying Objects". What
      my /\zpf field is is the details of what Paul Hill called the "acceleration

      It is obvious that the /\zpf red and blue shifts are opposite to the
      motional Doppler shifts exactly as Bruce Cornet alleges to have measured
      from real saucers.

      Note that /\zpf effective gravity is VERY STRONG at short range. The
      effective gravity strength parameter is

      G* = Newton's G - hc/\zpf(Newton's G)^2/c^4 = G[1 - hc/\zpg(G/c^4)]

      *Note, I use the GR sign conventions of Peacock where /\zpf > 0 means
      negative zero point energy vacuum pressure hence G* < 0 is repulsive gravity
      from an effective "negative mass". This corrects a detail in message I sent
      earlier today where I used + sign instead of - sign.

      The practical metric engineering regime is

      |hc/\zpf(G/c^4)| >> 1

      Note the critical point where G* = 0 at the boundary between gravity and

      Bill: Electron emission?
      Jack: No.
      Bill: Virtual electron emission?
      Jack: Meaningless.
      Bill: Real field or virtual field?
      Jack: Your questions are not well posed.

      The exotic vacuum field /\zpf is a controllable "virtual field". You need a
      nano-engineered high Tc real superconductor (maybe using quantum Hall effect
      with 2D electron sheet "quantum wells") to control it with near EM fields
      and maybe some Berry phase tricks inside the "weak link" effective area of
      the loop integral for Bohm-Aharonov Dynamical Phase + Berry Topological
      Phase that controls the size of /\zpf.

      When /\zpf > 0, i.e. dark energy it will make a universal blue shift of any
      real on mass shell particles moving through it. This CAN generate SECONDARY
      IONIZATION PLASMAS as actually observed in some saucer sightings.

      Bill: Some years ago I was privately working on a generator design but never
      made much progress due to limited resources. IMO, the so-called "Lifters"
      don't cut it. What is needed is a dynamic powerful source to gen the field.

      -Bill Hamilton

      Jack: No, I already have what is needed in concept. Forget everything you
      think you know about this. It is not even wrong. No one from this planet and
      this time before this has had a clue how any of this works. None of this
      could have been anticipated BEFORE the NASA WMAP data was evaluated, which
      is quite recently.

      The simple observational fact is that saucers DO NOT NEED "a dynamic
      powerful source to gen the field" in the sense that Matt Visser, Eric Davis
      and Hal Puthoff have all calculated. Eric Davis's MUFON 2001 energy
      calculations are all the right answers to the wrong questions - barking up
      the wrong tree. Hal Puthoff's PV modeling is even wrong answers to wrong
      questions. Forget all that. Everything in Nick Cook's book "Hunt For The
      Zero Point" on UFO propulsion theory is worthless dis and mis information.

      For the record. Everything we did at Joe Firmage's ISSO 1999-2000 was wrong
      and did not work. Everything done at CIPA, also funded by Joe, was wrong as
      well. Everything done by Puthoff at IAS in Austin in the UFO field is also
      wrong. No one had the right ideas back then! No one in alleged DOE UFO Black
      Ops had the right ideas either. Jim Corum at ISR in W. Va funded by Senator
      Robert Byrd also was off on the wrong track with "EM Stress Propulsion"
      started at SARA in Huntington Beach. ISSO blew more than a million dollars
      of Joe Firmage's money on that one at SARA. However, at the time it was a
      reasonable thing to try because ALL OF US, including me, were flying blind!

      It was only when I went to Kip Fest June 2000 at Cal Tech and bought John
      Peacock's book "Cosmological Physics" that the tide changed. It was almost a
      year later that I opened the book in Spring 2001 and my eyes fell on pp 24 -
      26 and I had the epiphany "Ach Mein Gott! Vat a Dumbkopf Ich bein!" :-) I
      saw instantly how to do it - though it took 2 more years to get the details
      and that still is under construction with new insights by the hour! Then it
      needed NASA WMAP data that I only understood a few weeks ago to get to this
      new level of understanding.

      My epiphany with p. 25-26 of Peacock's book in 2001 is like my epiphany with
      p. 30 of Bohm and Hiley's "The Undivided Universe" in 1994 or was it 1995?
      When I saw how to solve the physics of consciousness mystery with direct
      back-action of IT hidden variable particle on BIT "mental" landscape -
      another related story since Colonel Phil Corso talks of direct mental
      control of the saucers which means that the macro-quantun physics of
      generation of inner BIT consciousness in IT matter is important in the
      flying saucer systems command control communications technology.

      Remember Bill, I was recruited into this US Defense Intelligence UFO-
      Paranormal Effort as a child of 13 in 1953 by Eugene McDermott's people at
      Columbia University in William Sheldon's Psychology Department studying
      "genius kids" like Johnny Glogower. I was the only kid, other than Bob
      Solovay now retired math prof from UCB, who could communicate with Johnny on
      his level. Indeed, we tried to solve the electron stability problem back
      then but could not. It needed my /\zpf field that took 50 years and NASA
      WMAP to realize!

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      Bill Hamilton
      Executive Director
      Skywatch International, Inc.
      Fiat Lux et Veritas

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