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Re: Uni E V or bust - pun: do you slide at Zero Point

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  • EagleHawkVision@aol.com
    FYI.................... PUN: Do you slide at Zero Point, disappearing from point A, reappearing at point B with appropriate application of frequency
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2002
      PUN: Do you "slide" at Zero Point, disappearing from point A,
      reappearing at point B with appropriate application of frequency
      differentials.............Without going through all points in between.

      You 'cannot' answer that in an 'application' perspective with
      prehistoric (pun) concepts of Time and Gravity.

      THE GREAT BIG INFINITE (at least VC, velocity of light) ENERGIES
      WE NEED TO REACH, ACHIEVE.........GOSH, aren't those differentials
      at hand? Nuclear energies have demonstrated they are. Why do we need
      to BLAST away to reach them? Review the definitions of matter, energy,
      and fields, ...by definition, the great big energies required are on standby,
      easily accessible, as the revival of JNL/TT Brown/Beardon, electrogravitics,
      is in the
      very early stages beginning to grasp. By Understanding the sine wave curve
      of the Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law as applied to space, time, mass,
      matter, energy, gravity, precise measurements and control can be achieved.
      PROVIDING, the INTERDEPENDENCE of those factors are recognized.

      Take the Time to take the time, to get those definitions right.

      Suggestion: We need to do more than just upgrade software. We should
      begin to upgrade our definitions, especially on Gravity and Time, as
      we expand our Window to Reality.

      The definition 'flaws' are blatantly evident when some seriously
      consider time travel as a possibility - or wonder what happens to
      gravity at the 'center' of mass, not to mention 'one pole' disability.

      ....'do you slide' http://www.fuel2000.net
      Read StarSteps

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      > Message: 8
      > Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 00:23:47 -0400
      > From: "Russell Anderson" <russanderson3@...>
      > Subject: Re: Universal Escape Velocity Or Bust.
      > But, space probes launched from Earth in the early 1970s have already left
      > our star system, with velocities far, far below anything relativistic.
      > won't reach another star system for tens of thousands of years. Dont
      > the Sun's G-field, like every G-field and every electric and magnetic
      > wether naturally or artificially produced obeys the inverse-square Law.
      > intensity drops off inversely with the square of the distance. The Sun's
      > G-field at Pluto orbit is really weak- A pluto year is a couple earth
      > centuries. Science! No problem at all to leave our Sol system with
      > impulse-drive chemical propulsion. No problem to leave the Galaxy, go to
      > Magellenaic clouds, Andromeda m-31, etc. Now, do we want to go in a slow,
      > inertia-building impulse-rocket, and run out of fuel an hour into the trip
      > ten minutes is a long burn for a rocket-drive) or a Beamship (TT Brown)
      > warp-drive, with no ballistic trajectories and no inertial field, build up
      > with associated mass and temporal dialation? SCIENCE!
      > Russell
      > Applied Electrogravitics
      > >From: "onthecuttingedge2005" <onthecuttingedge2005@...>
      > >Reply-To: jlnlabs@yahoogroups.com
      > >To: jlnlabs@yahoogroups.com
      > >Subject: [jlnlabs] Universal Escape Velocity Or Bust.
      > >Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 03:24:15 -0000
      > >
      > >I have thoroughly meditated this Theory to the point now realizing
      > >that we need either to achieve infinite acceleration incrimented
      > >slowly to infinity without de-acceleration. De-acceleration due to
      > >gravitational influence will always have a grip on our spacecraft
      > >until the spacecraft reaches a standing wave regional vector of
      > >gravity between the two systems A. and B. where A.is our solar system
      > >and B. is the neighboring system. Like Alpha Centari will never be
      > >reached under current space vehicle velocities because they do not
      > >concerve their fuel over an infinite distants for Conservation of
      > >acceleration to leave the gravity of this system.
      > >I am sad of this.
      > >My meditation tells me that a space craft cannot even leave its own
      > >galaxy unless the proper escape velocity is obtained to reach the
      > >standing gravity wave between two systems.
      > >The order of space vehicle acceleration law through meditation is
      > >that we would need to approach the speed of light to reach these
      > >invisible standing gravity wave regions and make it to the next
      > >systems gravity influence. until this standing gravity wave region is
      > >reached our solar system will have its grip on the space vehicle.
      > >If your space vehicle begins to de-acellerate to soon it will be
      > >pulled back to orbit of our Sun.
      > >This tells me that every solar system or galaxy and even the Universe
      > >cannot be escaped unless we achieve these infinite acellerations or
      > >at the most reach light velocity.
      > >The other alternative is that we would have to have a space vehicle
      > >that has absolute zero mass like light so that any systems gravity
      > >would have absolutely no influence on the space vehicle which is
      > >quite a task to achieve considering that even black holes could pull
      > >you back even at light velocity.
      > >I see one other way.
      > >That our spacecraft would have to travel in a different dimensional
      > >state that gravity does not exist in. Does this kind of dimension
      > >exist? and can we phase into it without harm.
      > >Does Gravity cancel when time stands still.
      > >If gravity cancels when time stands still then maybe we could go to
      > >any system we like without being re-directed back home.
      > >It looks like God has put another mountain before us only to get to
      > >the top and to find another mountain to cross we could not see until
      > >there.
      > >I'm afraid we are not allowed to leave our system until this goal is
      > >achieved and only until then.
      > >I meditated that Teleportation is the answer.
      > >I have Meditated that unless our space vehicle can cancel time it is
      > >vain to try to reach another system by way of current spacecraft
      > >velocity.
      > >Best of luck out there.
      > >See you in the next standing gravity wave.
      > >Jerry.
      > >
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