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Hyperdimensional Confusions

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  • Bill Hamilton
    I was listening to a taped lecture by Dr. Michio Kaku on the tenth dimension (ala string theory). Kaku is famous for his books like Hyperspace . He explains
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2002
      I was listening to a taped lecture by Dr. Michio Kaku on the
      tenth dimension (ala string theory). Kaku is famous for his
      books like "Hyperspace". He explains how Einstein's equations
      indicate that gravity is curvature in a higher dimension and
      the concept of gravitational force is fictional.

      Kaku illustrates how a flatlander on a 2-D surface that is
      crumpled in 3-D space would experience a force (pseudo-force)
      as he changes direction. He then explains that Einstein's
      equations use time as the 4th dimension and that one has
      to look at the Kaluza-Klein equations for adding a 5th
      dimension to obtain Maxwell's equations for EM.

      Now something breaks down in all this convuluted logic
      that Kaku uses.

      The analogy of a crumpled sheet of paper should carry over
      into space curvature/warps/crumples so that 3-D space is
      seen to bend into 4-D space, but no 4-D extended space is
      indicated in string theory or GR. So the analogy breaks down.

      Now when the flatlander changes direction, technically he
      accelerates, but his speed will not change because of
      geometry. The centripetal force -(mv2/r)ru that acts on
      the earth in its orbit changes the direction of the earth
      and the earth only speeds up or slows down because the
      geometry of its orbit is an ellipse, but something can
      maintain a change of direction without changing speed.

      However, objects in a gravitational field accelerate by
      changing their rate of speed. No geometry in lower, middle,
      or higher dimensions can explain this as Kaku claims.
      The demonstration of this using embedding diagrams that
      are translated into real world models such as a bowling
      ball on a rubber sheet are already conducted in a gravity
      field. Imagine demonstrating the same aboard the space
      station where everything is in free fall. The bowling ball
      will not dimple the rubber mat because the earth's gravity
      has been offset.

      There are three ways that scientists know things. One is my
      experience as all people do, but extended by controlled
      experiments. The other is by authority. They accept the
      authority of other scientists. The third way is by taking
      the (theory,data,hypothesis) presented and analyzing it to
      see if it agrees with logic and experience.

      Others have gone back to the idea of gravity as a force
      (ZPE, aetheric) and not a pseudo force which means that there
      is something lacking in the Einstein pseudo-force explanation
      of gravity as geometry. Even graviton theory invokes real force.
      It is said with Graviton Theory, physicists can detect and measure the
      long-predicted gravitons-particle strings that 'carry' gravitational force.
      Forces can be opposed by other forces and yield anti-gravity.

      It is not even necessary to discover an antigravitational force
      to achieve antigravity. It is only necessary to reduce or
      nullify gravitational force or oppose it with a greater force.
      The same for inertia. Thus by re-thinking the problem, a
      space propulsion system becomes possible and can be reduced
      to an engineering solution.

      I beleive a sufficiently high potential charge can be used to
      oppose gravity and inertia and produce thrust as beginning to
      be evidenced by some experiments. However, IMHO, the experiments
      do not go far enough. The high potential should be produced in
      a dynamic mode (vortex), the potential should continue to rise
      beyond dielectric breakdown, and the potential must be polarized
      so as to bring control to vectoring flight.

      I have worked on the above solution years ago, but without enough
      resources to achieve success so I have backed others who are
      paving the way. Hopefully, I may be able to again test this
      idea on a workbench. If I do not, someone will eventually and
      maybe duplicate the results that the controversial Searl claims
      to have achieved.

      -Bill Hamilton

      Bill Hamilton
      Executive Director
      Skywatch International, Inc.

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