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UFOs over Belize, Central America

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  • Bill Hamilton
    A former employee of NASA had a UFO sighting over Central America and I have been corresponding with him. He asked me to send this to physicists/engineers who
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2002
      A former employee of NASA had a UFO sighting over Central
      America and I have been corresponding with him. He asked
      me to send this to physicists/engineers who might speculate
      on the function of the light beams and whether it might
      be related to propulsion. Please post any ideas or
      comments that I can forward to him. Thanks.
      Here is his report...

      The sighting of four objects over Belize, Central America

      I had a very unique sighting of two large globes (or Discs bottom up) during
      a boat trip on the Caribbean Sea along side Ambergris Caye, Belize, Central
      America during late November, 1995. Many strange objects are observed over
      Belize. The natives have told me of many other sightings. It's an excellent
      area of earth to test military advanced aerial vehicles, etc. Four other
      witnesses and I observed these two objects flying through the stellar
      constellation of Gemini between the stars Castor and Pollux (I�m a former
      amateur Astronomer and very aware of stellar fields). The night was pitch
      black and stars appeared as diamonds. The skies there are beyond
      description. The transparency and clarity was 100%. As they flew from
      Northwest to Southeast each emitted (or launched) a bright off-yellow bar of
      light ahead of each craft and attached to the forward area of the
      globe/disc. The beam of the rear vehicle did not touch the craft flying
      ahead. They were flying one behind the other at an unknown distance. We
      heard no sound. Since I worked in our national space program most of my
      life, I assumed their sizes to be about twice that of the US Space Shuttle.
      I may be wrong, since there was no capability to establish size. They
      appeared to be in low earth orbit or possibly very high altitude within the
      atmosphere. Again, it was impossible to estimate They were disc or globe
      shaped. The beams were launched out in front of each for a great distance (a
      mile(s) or thousands of yards - hard to say). Each of the globe color was a
      bright, soft white and did not appear metallic. As each would release/form
      another beam of light, each appeared to ride it like a rail and as it neared
      the end, another would be released forward from each disc (globe?) and they
      would appear to "ride it" until another was formed. We watched them for
      about three to four minutes until they went out of sight. I have had many
      observations of strange crafts, but this pair was very different/unique.

      My question is, if these craft can "ride" a light beam as it appeared, would
      this indicate any advanced propulsion capability possibly in use that 'may"
      be capable of converting this energy of their craft into the speed of light
      which is 186,000 miles a second?

      Not being a Physicist, I cannot theorize it.

      Is there anyone who would be capable of making an analysis and a theoretical
      assumption of this strange event?

      Clark (McClelland)
      former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida

      Bill Hamilton
      Executive Director
      Skywatch International, Inc.

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