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Re: [forcefieldpropulsionphysics] Calculation of aether density

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  • Jack Martinelli
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    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 15, 2002
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      From: Vencislav
      Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2002 7:20 PM
      Subject: [forcefieldpropulsionphysics] Calculation of aether density

      The density of the aether can be calculated easily,
      if we know that unit of Farad = KG x M^-2, and that
      permittivity of vacuum equals to 8,85 x 10^-12 FxM^-1,
      so density of aether equals to 8,85 x 10^-12 KGxM^-3.
      KG is kilogram, M is meter and F is Farad.

      Aether is gaseous body with density of 8,85 x 10^-12 KGxM^-3.
      Why should this be the _density_ of the aether?  The units
      are right, but I'd guess you could use dimensional analysis
      and other constants, (G, hbar, c... ) to come up with
      a number that has the units of density as well.  How do
      you know this isn't the density of an electron?
      Permitivity & capacitance are properties related to the
      electron.  Unless you can show how an electron has the
      kind of causative properties it has and relate these
      properties to a "gas", aether theory won't take us
      farther along our path. 
      Jack Martinelli
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