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      >Subject: Free cd on "Extraterrestrials"...
      >>Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2001
      >>Subject: Why Our Planet is Failing
      >>From: art b Rosenblum <artr@...>
      >>REVERSING FAILURE - Learning from Success
      >>I did not learn to fly by studying crashes ! This is presently a failed
      >>planet and though humans have worked thousands of years trying to put
      >>things right, improvement seems tenuous at best. Many believe things are
      >>getting worse !
      >>I've been researching a positive future for this planet for well over 30
      >>years and most of what we've come to is only partially successful, in other
      >>words a failure. I've seen many communal lifestyles based on love but none
      >>are really what they should be. That is entirely unacceptable. It is time
      >>to stop studying the "crashes" and learn from the really successful
      >>cultures that have solved the problems we've been struggling with so long.
      >>Clearly successful cultures are out there and have been for decades (at
      >>least) visiting us by travel faster than light !
      >>But this has been covered up for over 50 years by corporations and their
      >>government/military buddies. Whenever some of the truth leaks out, as it
      >>must, they have PR types insert lies and distortions to make it appear
      >>ridiculous so that few competent scientists will even take a good look.
      >>But now that is changing. Many people working directly with UFO's and their
      >>ET crews, whose lives have been threatened if they ever breathe a word of
      >>it, are getting old. They have ceased to fear the threats and are speaking
      >>out. Younger ones see that and are speaking out also. I recently (May 9)
      >>attended a press conference in D.C. where 22 of them came forward and
      >>risked all to tell the truth. Four hundred more are waiting to testify
      >>before congress.
      >>There were over 100 reporters present with about 25 big cameras. They were
      >>given a computer CD containing a 500 page briefing book with the facts and
      >>a 100 page summary to make it easier to search. I got one also. So what did
      >>the media do ?
      >>They almost entirely ignored it !
      >>Monica Lewinski (Clinton's pet) got lots of publicity for weeks and when
      >>she held a press conference it was viewed live on the Internet by 25,000, a
      >>record. This May 9th press conference by CSETI was viewed live by 250,000
      >>in spite of attempts to jam it, and no pre-publicity.
      >>I'm sending out computer CD's with all the information CSETI put out plus
      >>the full audio of that press conference plus the personal experiences of
      >>Prof. John Salter and his son (23) who spent over an hour with a group of
      >>ET's. I've talked with Prof. Salter many times.
      >>There is no charge for the CD. I can send it to you free and you can send a
      >>donation after you get it. We don't worry about the money. Just email a
      >>postal address with the Subject: ART CD and you will get it by air (with
      >>It's now time to smash the barriers that are preventing us from knowing
      >>about free energy and really successful cultures so that this earth can
      >>become a happy, successful place for all. I'm also too old (though in
      >>excellent health) to feel threatened by any who would try to contain the
      >>truth, so I'm going all out to break through the swindles and get us a
      >>truly loving planet. That's my full time work.
      >>We need help from networkers and PR experts or any others who can get this
      >>moving ahead fast. Many lives, including your own may depend on it !
      >>Peace and love, Art Rosenblum, mailto:artr@...
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