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Fwd:Democracy is not for all. It is meant only for a self-governing people of puritanical discipline...

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    Akhénatonic comments from a dissociated USsian,below,in the forum of the Journal of CONSCIOUSNESS (!!!) Research ... ... people of puritanical discipline
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2000
      Akhénatonic comments from a dissociated USsian,below,in the forum of the
      Journal of "CONSCIOUSNESS" (!!!) "Research"...

      Clearly,antigravity should NOT fall in the hands of the US "elite":

      >Subject: Democracy is not for all. It is meant only for a self-governing
      people of puritanical discipline
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      >>Subject: RE: [jcs-online] Objective Reality
      >Democracy is not for all! Not from a Blop of Consciousness, nor from State
      >Vector Reduction'
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      >Wednesday, October 04, 2000 4:06 PM Subject: RE: [jcs-online] Objective
      >[JD]: As you know, there are WISDOM TRADITIONS that have perennially claimed
      >"other" ways of perceiving reality, including but not limited to natural
      >order, nor to explicate or implicate orders. HUMAN HISTORY is the struggle
      >from despotism and slavery toward democracy, i.e. the constraint of symmetry
      >that all laws should look the same to every individual. It is imposed by
      >slowly emerging Mind displacing mindless consciousness and its evolutionary
      >algorithm that drew it up from the dust and sustained it until it could
      >learn to work with high abstractions as symbols and so perceive implicit
      >qualities of natural order.
      >First, I do not understand the relevance of this statement in the present
      >discussion on *objectivity*. I would appreciate if someone can enlighten me
      >on that. Second, since it is introduced for some mysterious reason, it is
      >proper to examine if it is true, after all. This is a very prevalent view,
      >rather a rigmarole, presented in any (American) Sociology/History text.
      >Questioning these premises are not always possible, without the peril of
      >being ostracized or suffering material losses.
      >Which history is *human history*? Is it the more recent East European
      >failure of communism? Is the struggle against despotism and slavery always a
      >move toward democracy? Is democracy the FINALITY of PERFECT government for
      >ALL people everywhere? Not so at all! . *Human History* from the primitive
      >tribal chief to the maximum ruler of civilized Germany and further onto the
      >‘rule by decrees (executive orders) of the current champion(s) of DEMOCRACY
      >is an indelible record of authoritarianism and despotism with strong
      >penchants and predilections thereto from the ruled.
      >If you are alluding to any defining moments in *human history*, they refer
      >to the oral traditions meticulously codified into texts of the ancient
      >Israel under the Pharaohs and later under the Greeks. That record explicitly
      >claims that it was no nebulous cloud of consciousness, but a very visible
      >cloud of *Shekinah* authority that consumated into authoritarian monarchies
      >due to the same old propensities of those *humans* toward that.
      >Other defining moments were when Luther, Calvin and Knox and others broke
      >from one of those *wisdom traditions* you are intimating. From the Divine
      >Rights of Kings to, We the Barons, to We the People there was no
      >*consciousness jumps*. The awakening of the people to *their divine rights*
      >was a consequence of their study of a book- The Book. The Separatist
      >movement in England ( one branch of Puritans) and the Pilgrims' movement in
      >the Americas (the other branch of Puritans) both amply testify to that fact
      >of history. Neither the French revolution nor the Soviet gangsterism could
      >claim that. No human government can be the Messiah of the Protestants.
      >Because they affirmed, "The Lord is our *Judiciary*, the Lord is our
      >*Legislature* and the Lord is our *Chief Executive* . The Lord FREES."
      >Isaiah 33: 22 ). So, dividing the power into three separate and equal
      >branches was according to the *code*. The division of powers in the U.S.
      >Constitution was a necessity, if ever that constitution was to have common
      >approval. It was drafted by and FOR a people, (then 98.8% Protestants of
      >Puritan origins), who generally understood the Fall of man as real. This
      >means any human power will tend to be corrupt. Lesser the power, lesser is
      >the corruption. Divide, separate, equalize and minimize powers. That was a
      >common goal.
      >This is not a piece of global history, but limited to a certain kind of
      >people who over a period of several centuries GOT PREPARED through tortures,
      >burning at the stakes and too many cruelties to be described here. A blob of
      >*consciousness* will not do it, nor State Vector Reduction.
      >Democracy is not for all. It is meant only for certain calibre of people, a
      >self-governing people of puritanical discipline. I hope others, be they in
      >the West including the U.S.A, or East, will have some form of benevolent
      >dictatorships of a person or a one-Party system. History of peoples around
      >the world, and *other wisdom traditions* (* human history*), say so.
      >Philip Benjamin medinuclear@...
      >Philip P. Benjamin
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