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Re: [forcefieldpropulsionphysics] Re:Forcefieldpropulsion Moribund?

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  • Adrian
    Subject: [forcefieldpropulsionphysics] Re:Forcefieldpropulsion Moribund? ... === Sounds about right and we re not getting interrupted by the stuffed shirts any
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2000
      Subject: [forcefieldpropulsionphysics] Re:Forcefieldpropulsion Moribund?

      > It seems that since the talkative guys have moved to "IndustrialMonism"
      > group,the other groups have become very quiet.
      === Sounds about right and we're not getting interrupted by the stuffed
      shirts any longer.

      > Ross has convinced me of something I felt for long but which I could not
      > express:that mathematics is not "Reality".I am very grateful to him for
      that. Now we can smash back the mathematicians to the gardens of pink
      > elephants!!! Ouaf,ouaf,ouaf(laughters)!

      == Very true, all math does is give us tidy, well connected patterns and it
      is a shorthand system to outline very general patterns with no notion where
      and how such patterns may fit.

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