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1[forcefieldpropulsionphysics] Welcome to forcefield propulsion

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  • chiefpilot@condor.flyer.co.uk
    Dec 9, 1999

      Scientific & engineering group for advanced space propulsion utilizing force-field paradigms & concepts. This includes space-time geometry warping and manipulation, heterodox physics and advanced concepts.We are the successor Group to the Antigrav group, (Now shut down) and are focused very closely as to topic. Please note that this is a serious scientific and engineering forum. (No UFO speculation, reportage, etc, or off-topic metaphysics.) We are loosely linked to the BAe. PROJECT GREENGLOW site and program. Membership is open to any one seriously interested in the topic. We will be getting up a Web-site with extensive linkages by the new year. In addition to mail, we will happily archive and publish significant papers, speculations, and experimental ideas and results.We believe that Space, the final frontier, will only be explored when new propulsion physics and engineering are available.

      Graham Ennis
      (Moderator and Group founder.)