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FW: Bike-ped legislation update

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  • Roger H. Gray
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2002
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      > From: Chris N. Morfas [mailto:Chris.Morfas@...]
      > Sent: Thursday, September 19, 2002 5:47 PM
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      > Subject: Bike-ped legislation update
      > A representative of the governor's office just called me to say
      > he would be
      > looking at SB1555 (Torlakson) this weekend or early next week. There's
      > still time to get your letter in to the governor's office! Thanks to all
      > of you who have helped so far; the rest of you-- LET'S GET BUSY!
      > This is probably the most important bicycling and walking-related
      > effort at
      > the Capitol this year, so until September 26th please forward
      > this message
      > to friends and colleagues who might be able to help. Thank you.
      > Chris Morfas
      > California Bicycle Coalition
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      > Phone: 916.445.2841
      > Fax: 916.445.4633
      > governor@...
      > The Honorable Gray Davis
      > Governor of California
      > State Capitol Building
      > Sacramento, CA 95814
      > Re: SB1555 (Torlakson) SIGN for pedestrian and bicyclist safety
      > Dear Governor Davis:
      > Please sign SB1555 (Torlakson). SB1555 would add a $5
      > penalty onto the
      > license renewal fee for those motorists with two or more points on their
      > record. Only 15% of all motorists, those with the worst driving records,
      > would be impacted. With the proceeds, the state health department will
      > partner with local communities to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety.
      > Over twenty percent of all traffic-related fatalities in
      > California are
      > pedestrians or bicyclists. Motorists with poor driving records are known
      > to pose a high risk to pedestrians. Dangerous or inconsiderate
      > driving by
      > a minority of motorists significantly contributes to a walking and
      > bicycling environment that is much more dangerous than it should
      > be. Unsafe behaviors by bicyclists and pedestrians also cause many
      > tragedies. We need more education for all roadway users. Cities and
      > counties will also use SB1555 funds to plan better sidewalk and street
      > systems for walking and bicycling.
      > By addressing two leading causes of pedestrian and
      > bicyclist injuries and
      > fatalities -- unsafe behaviors and community design-- SB1555 will help
      > walking and bicycling reach their full potential to reduce congestion,
      > clean the air and create safer and healthier communities. Thank you for
      > your considerations
      > Your name and address
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