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FBI meeting next Thursday: Biking in Pasadena

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  • Charles Witham
    Last night was the last of the recent transportation workshops in Pasadena. At this meeting, I think in Northcentral Pasadena becasue it was at Washington and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2001
      Last night was the last of the recent transportation workshops in
      Pasadena. At this meeting, I think in Northcentral Pasadena becasue it was
      at Washington and Marengo, the attendance was quite low, and cycling got
      very little support in "how would you spend $100 on transportation in
      Pasadena" (I arrived too late to vote), but transit received the highest
      support of any of the 6 meetings.

      It is interesting that the average allocation for bicycles was 8% of
      transportation funding. LACBC asked MTA to give 1% of funding for bicycle
      transportation, and MTA responded by providing 0.25%.

      I spoke with Judi Masuda, Pasadena transportation coordinator, again about
      increasing biking in Pasadena. To this end, the Foothill Bicycle
      Initiative is drafting a formal position paper to be submitted to the
      transportation division of Pasadena Public Works.

      Please join us at our meeting next Thursday evening at the Hill branch of
      the Pasadena Public Library to discuss this paper, a draft of which I have
      included below.

      Three documents that can be consulted for our paper are: LACBC's
      "Blueprint For a Bike-friendly Los Angeles County" at
      http://www.labikecoalition.org/blueprint.html, CBC's "2001 CALTRANS Reform
      Agenda" at http://www.calbike.org/leg/caltrans.htm and the US Dept of
      Trans, Fed Highway Admin's "Accommodating Bicycle And Pedestrian Travel: A
      Recommended Approach" at

      Please note, this is being submitted in the context of a long-range
      transportation plan. It encompasses changes the city could make during the
      next 15 years.

      Make bikes and biking more visible in Pasadena
      - Make Pasadena residents aware that the city is becoming "bicycle
      friendly" by posting signs, installing bicycle inspired sculptures around
      the city, stenciling bicycles in the outside lane of streets that do not
      have bicycle lanes, and in general starting a PR campaign that will
      encourage Pasadenans to ride and people that ride to come to Pasadena.
      - Different kinds of bike racks, signage or racks that obviate their function.

      Make changes to traffic and crossing signal responsiveness
      - Dedicated bike and ped crossings at busy intersections during high
      traffic times
      - Give higher priority to pedestrian crossing in areas and times with high
      pedestrian concentrations (old town).

      Construct several bike stations in Pasadena
      - Blue Line stations
      - South Lake at San Pasqual

      Reinstate the volunteer City of Pasadena Bicycle Advisory committee.
      - When Jess Houghston was mayor of Pasadena about 10 years ago, there was
      an independent bicycle advisory committee that was in a position to
      regularly advise the City Council and Mayor regarding all manners of
      bicycling topics. It was dissolved several years ago as a "cost-cutting"
      measure, in spite of a documented record of identifying grants worth far in
      excess of any nominal administrative expenses.

      Resurface roads
      - California, Green, Wilson (Caltech construction caused holes, grooves,
      etc.; Development at Colorado)

      Safe Routes to Schools
      - Bike racks at schools are becoming more and more rare. Racks on school
      - La Canada High School, and I assume all schools in the morning and
      evenings, have major traffic congestion. In fact, it looks like the
      Hahamonga parking lot is used as a drop off/pick up location for parents
      picking up their kids at La Canada High.
      - PSA's regarding biking to school, highlighting Pasadena's bike friendly
      efforts as support for increased safety.

      All developments in Pasadena need to encourage bicycles and pedestrians
      - e.g., building on Wilson and Colorado should encourage people to use
      non-motorized transportation by not making the primary entrance off the
      parking lot and by removing the impact of the parking lot entrance on

      Help site bicycle lockers
      - The complicated issue issue of siting bicycle lockers must combine the
      riders' convenience with that of the people monitoring their use (watching
      bikes, distributing keys, etc.).
      - This will become easier when we have bike stations: people biking to
      Pasadena will stop by a bike station in their way in to pick up a key, and
      drop it off there on their way out of Pasadena.

      Lighting, benches at Rose Bowl?

      Enforce traffic rules
      - Drivers constantly run red lights, speed, ride over bumps meant for
      traffic calming, etc.
      - Install cameras at intersections to enforce traffic rules.
      - Start public information campaign informing people of traffic rules
      (e.g., that it is illegal to be in an intersection when the light is
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