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[foothill-bike] [LAR] Daily News on LA River Bikeway

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  • Dennis Crowley
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      >Subject: [LAR] Daily News on LA River Bikeway
      >From today's Daily News:
      > By Lee Condon, Staff Writer
      > Local environmental groups on Thursday called for the Metropolitan
      >Transportation Authority to provide funding to extend a Los Angeles River
      >bicycle path to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles.
      >"This is a great idea. It's great for commuters who want to get downtown and
      >for people who want to ride their bikes along the river," said Ron Milam,
      >executive director of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition.
      >Members of the coalition, Friends of the Los Angeles River, North East Trees
      >and the Sierra Club all participated in a news conference Thursday to ask
      >the MTA to approve $800,000 needed to design the latest addition to the bike
      >"The length of time that it has taken to build this is an outrage," said
      >Martin Schlageter, conservation coordinator for the Sierra Club.
      >The MTA started building the bike path four years ago and has funded
      >sections that will stretch from Victory Boulevard, near the Glendale-Burbank
      >border, to Barclay Street in Elysian Valley.
      >The new extension would continue winding along the river before ending up at
      >Union Station in downtown Los Angeles.
      >Environmental groups say the $800,000 allocation is in jeopardy because MTA
      >staffers have recommended against the expenditure. However, Schlageter said
      >the MTA staff's technical advisory committee supports the project.
      >MTA officials could not be reached for comment.
      >By taking it downtown, supporters said, the path will not only benefit
      >recreational cyclists but will help ease traffic by promoting an alternative
      >way to commute.
      >"Funding the bike path is important because if you don't give cyclists a
      >safe commuter route they will be in cars, Schlageter said. "That's why it so
      >critical to get the path into downtown. People could get on a direct route
      >to downtown. If I can get 2,000 off the 5 freeway, that's good."
      >The current bike path runs through Griffith Park along the Los Angeles
      >River, from Victory to Los Feliz boulevards. A second phase is under
      >construction from Los Feliz Boulevard to Fletcher Drive, and funding has
      >been secured for a bike path from Fletcher Drive to Barclay Street.
      >Although the bike path is on the Los Angeles side of the river, it is
      >located right along the southern borders of the cities of Burbank and
      >Glendale. By extending the path, supporters say the MTA will be able to link
      >those cities and other valley communities with downtown Los Angeles.
      >Supporters also dream of extending the path into the San Fernando Valley to
      >Sepulveda Basin.
      >On July 29, the MTA board is slated to decide whether to approve the
      >$800,000 to design the extension of the bike path to Union Station.


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