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Arroyo Bikeway Potential

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  • Dennis Crowley
    The County Department of Public Works field meeting went very well and opened many eyes but perhaps not quite the way CDoPW had planned. We all met at the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2005
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      The County Department of Public Works field meeting went very well
      and opened many eyes but perhaps not quite the way CDoPW had planned.

      We all met at the Lincoln Heights Gold Line station, walked a couple
      blocks West and crawled through a hole in the chain-link fence (the
      first of many that day). Twenty people, (an odd mix of
      neighborhood-activists, bureaucrats and engineers) became flagrant
      trespassers and intrepid explorers in an urban frontier, embarking on
      an expedition of discovery. We walked miles along an abandoned and
      overgrown section of the old Arroyo Road, looking at the county's
      plans and peering down into the channel bottom that is the county's
      proposed bikeway location. Well it didn't take too long for everyone
      to notice that while considering a proposed in-channel bike-path we
      were walking on what used to be the old Arroyo Road.

      In 1938 that old roadway was chopped-up and abandoned during the
      construction of the Pasadena Freeway, however major stretches of that
      old Arroyo Road still remain today. Our walk showed twenty people how
      important that roadway could be again and how far superior it would
      be as a location for a commuter bikeway than the proposed
      channel-bottom project.

      (I would also like to note that half our group of intrepid explorers
      came dressed in office attire and were very good sports about all the
      scrambling, bushwhacking and fence-hole crawling. Thank you.)


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      >Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 18:42:41 -0000
      >Subject: [foothill-bike] Arroyo Seco Bikeway
      >The County Department of Public Works hosted a very interesting walk-
      >through of stretches of the Arroyo Seco Bikeway on Thursday. I think
      >almost everyone saw the feasibility and desireability of putting the
      >bike trail along a tree-line path along the rim of the Arroyo, rather
      >than in the bottom of the flood channel as the County originally
      >proposed. It will be safer, cooler, greener and a much better ride.
      >Supervisor Molina has announced that she will direct the Department
      >of Public Works to continue to work with the community and
      >stakeholders to identify a design that better meets everyone's needs
      >and is more environmentally sensitive.
      >Suzanne Manriquez, a Molina staffer, says "We are very thankful that
      >we heard from all of you and that you gave us the chance to correct
      >the problems. We want to reiterate that we are committed to finding
      >an alignment that reduces the impacts on the Arroyo Seco and provides
      >a safe riding environment. We believe that by working together as a
      >team we will be able to accomplish this."
      >If you'd like to explore the planning issues related to the Arroyo
      >Seco Bikeway, here are some great resources:
      >1. Northeast Linkages - This is the study initiated by LA Councilman
      >Reyes with substantial grassroots input on Northeast LA linkages -
      >2. LACDPW AS Bike Trail Plans - These are the basic design drawings
      >for the County proposal -
      >3. Arroyo Seco Cycling - Here is a thorough review of Northeast LA
      >cycling issues including some thoughts on a bikeway, prepared by
      >Marcus Renner and Claudine Chen;
      >4. The Arroyo Seco Parkway Corridor - This is the remarkable planning
      >project by graduate students at CalPoly which presents a wonderful
      >vision for the restoration of the parkway to its future grandeur
      >including interesting concepts for a green bikeway -
      >5. Here's the alternative plan presented by the Arroyo Seco
      >Foundation: http://www.arroyoseco.org/biketrailalternative.html
      >You can also find more background and details at the Arroyo Seco
      >website: http://www.arroyoseco.org
      >I would like to applaud the leadership of cyclists, Arroyo activists
      >and Supervisor Molina in pushing for a better plan.

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