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  • benjaminsjw@yahoo.com
    Hi all,I just joined this group. I m dutch, currently living in Sweden. I speak: english, dutch, swedish, german. And I would like to start my first day by
    Message 1 of 5 , May 23, 2001
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      Hi all,

      I just joined this group. I'm dutch, currently living in Sweden. I
      speak: english, dutch, swedish, german.
      And I would like to start my first day by making a lot of comments :o)

      but mostly adding...

      --- In folkspraak@y..., bribri56@a... wrote:

      <text deleted, it was nice though>

      > Anfang, 1 (beginning) german=Anfang. (some derivation from the verbs
      > 'begynde/beginnen/geginnen/??/begynna would have been better)

      ?, aanvangen, anfangen, ?, anfanga
      ?, beginnen, beginnen, ?, begynna

      so both lines are defendable, I would say. Why not have two words for
      it. Most germanic languages have.

      > Erd, 3 (Earth) Jord/Jorden, aarde, Erde, Jorden, Jord/Jorden

      so why not Jerd?

      > Forstaen, 1 (understand) forstå, begrijpen, verstehen, forstå, Förstå. (A=
      > of Ver- words in German are For- words in the Scandinavian languages).

      dutch also: verstaan

      > Forstruen, 3 (to scatter, strew) german-verstruen

      ?, verstrooien, verstreuen, ?, strö

      > Gebujed, 1 (built)see "bujen". I'm torn about the use of "Ge-". German an=
      > Dutch like it, but the English "y-" is long gone, and I don't see any sig=
      n of
      > it in the Scandinavian languages, either. What do you think?

      I would say: drop it. Some dutch dialects have.

      > Habben, 3 (have) have, hebben, haben, ha, ha. The only issue for me is
      > whether to use the double consonant. I'd like to drop double consonants, =

      > myself, for simplicity's sake.

      swedish has hava as well (it's more formal). So "haven"?

      > Himmel, 1 (heaven, sky)himmel, lucht, Himmel, himmel, himmel

      dutch: hemel

      > [I'm starting to get eye- and brain-burn, so the rest of my comments aren=
      > complete. Will try to finish soon].
      > Mans, 1 (men) Wish I'd used Folk!

      ?, mannen, männer, ?, män

      > Mit, 1 (with)

      med, met, mit, med, med, so: met?

      > Nam, 2 (name)

      navn, naam, nahme, ?, namn

      > Nict, 2 (not)

      ikke, niet, nicht, ikke, ej/inte/icke
      that's a tricky one...

      > Ost, 1 (East)

      øst, oost, ost, øst, öst

      > Raecing, 1 (reaching)

      rekke(?), rijken, reichen, rekke(?), räcka

      > Saged, 3 (said)

      ?, zei/zegde, sagte, ?, sa, so: sagd?

      > Seen, 1 (to see)

      se, zien, sehen, se, se

      > Sinar, 1 (Shinar/Sinar - a region in Babylonia)
      > Sprak, 3 (speech, language)

      sprog, spraak, sprache, ?, språk

      > Spraken, 1 (to speak)

      tale, spreken, sprechen, ?, tala, would "spreken" be to obviously
      dutch? :o)

      > Stad, 3 (city, town, city-state) by, stad, Stadt, by, stad. (We might wan=
      t to
      > make distinctions among village, town, city, etc. using terms from differ=
      > languages. Also, do we want to rename existing placenames ending with -to=
      > -ton, -burg, -berg, -burgh, -by, -ham, etc. with the Folkspraak term(s)?

      I would say no.

      > Stadgebujenprojekt., 1 (city-building project) Made that one up just for =
      > Ter, 1 (tar)

      ?, pek/teer, pech(?), ?, beck

      > Tings, 1 (things)

      ?, ding, ding, ?, ting, so: dings?

      > Uber, 3 (over)

      ?, over, uber, ?, över

      > Vil, 6 (future tense marker, will)

      vill, zullen, werden, vill, ska

      > Von, 1 (possessive marker)

      fra, van, von, fra, från

      > Wat, 1 (what)

      hvad, wat, was, hvad, vad

      > Werld, 1 (world)

      verd, wereld, welt, verd, värld

      > Wirred, 1 (confused, whirled)

      ?, verward, ?, ?, förvirrad, so: verwird?

      > Wirren, 1 (to confuse, to whirl)


      > Op weder seen <-- still working on that one,
      > Brian

      See you, keep up the good work.

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