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  • David Parke
    Here is this week s haul of choice words Words marked with a *, are present in only 2 out of 4 source languages but have the saving grace of being widely used
    Message 1 of 132 , Apr 2, 2005
      Here is this week's haul of choice words
      Words marked with a *, are present in only 2 out of 4 source languages
      but have the saving grace of being widely used in many other European

      FS aktual
      a. = current, modern, up to date
      EN actual, NL actueel, DE aktuell, SV aktuell, IL actual

      FS autðruck
      n. = 1. meaning, phrase, statement, term, turn of phrase, expression.
      2. facial expression, look.
      NL uitdrukking, DE Ausdruck, SV uttryck

      FS avancerd
      a. = hi-tech, latest, very newest, modern, advanced, the latest
      EN advanced, NL geavanceerde, SV mest avancerat

      FS beswarlick
      a. = aggravating, annoying
      NL bezwaarlijk, DE beschwerlich, SV besvärlig

      FS delfin.
      n. = dolphin
      EN dolphin, NL dolfijn, DE Delphin, DA delfin, NO delfin., SV delfin,
      IL delphino

      FS diskutere, v. = discuss, talk about, comment, speak about, talk it
      over, review
      EN discuss, NL bediscussiëren, DE diskutieren, DA , NO , SV
      diskutera, discuter, ,

      FS fras
      n. = phrase, group of words, empty slogan
      EN phrase, NL frase, DE Phrase, SV fras, IL phrase

      FS frasere
      v. = to phrase, to put into words
      EN phrase, NL fraseren, DE , SV frasa, IL phrasar

      FS hard
      a. = 1. = hard, stone-hard,
      2. = cruel, pitiless, ruthless, callous, heartless, merciless,
      3. = violent, rough, harsh, abrasive
      EN hard, NL hard, DE hart, SV hård

      FS heftig
      a. = fierce, intense, violent, ardent, fervent, heated, heavy,
      massive, passionate, severe, strong, vehement
      EN hefty, heavy, NL heftig, hevig, DE heftig, SV häftig

      FS hopful
      a. = hopeful, promising
      EN hopeful, NL hoopvol, DE hoffnungsvoll, SV hoppfull

      FS inspektion
      n. = inspection, examination, analysis, check up, visitation
      EN Inspection, NL inspectie, DE Inspektion, SV inspektion, IL

      FS intensiv
      a. = intense, intensive, violent, heavy, vehement, massive, fierce
      EN intensive, intense, NL intensief, intens, DE intensiv, SV intensiv,
      IL intensive

      FS jacht
      n. = yacht
      EN yacht, NL jacht., DE Jacht, Yacht., DA yacht., NO yacht, SV jakt,
      IL yacht

      FS klausul
      n. =1. = clause, phrase.
      2. = legal clause, stipulation, proviso
      EN clause, NL clausule, DE Klausel, SV klausul, IL clausula

      FS kontemporan
      a. = contemporary, modern
      EN contemporary, NL contemporain, DE kontemporän, IL contemporanee

      FS korrigere,
      v. = to correct, put straight, rectify, set right, better, get better,
      improve, make better, renew
      EN correct, NL corrigeren, DE korrigieren, SV korrigera, IL corriger

      FS kritik
      n. = critique, criticism, review, comment, remark
      EN critique, NL kritiek, DE Kritik, SV kritik, IL critica

      FS kritisch,
      a. = critical, worrying, hard, trying, serious, grave, difficult,
      EN critical, NL kritisch, DE kritisch, SV kritisk

      FS *kurrent
      a. = current, modern, up to date
      EN current, NL courant, IL currente, LFN corente

      FS modern
      a. = modern, modernistic, of today, present-day, contemporary,
      nowadays, new
      EN modern, NL modern, DE modern, SV modern, IL moderne

      FS œgenblicklick
      a. = right away, straightaway, current, momentary
      EN , NL ogenblikkelijk, op dit ogenblik, DE augenblicklich, SV

      FS optimistisch
      a. = optimistic, hopeful
      EN optimistic, NL optimistisch, DE optimistisch, SV optimistisk, IL

      FS pap
      n. = pope, pontiff
      EN pope, NL paus., DE Papst, DA pave, SV påve, pop, LFN, IL papa,
      Slovio Papezx,

      FS *pos
      n. = pose, posture, position
      EN pose, NL pose, IL posa, ,

      FS posere
      v. = to pose, to model
      EN pose, NL poseren, SV posera, IL posar

      FS postur
      n. = posture
      EN posture, NL postuur, DE Postur, SV postyr, IL postura

      FS problematisch
      a.= problematic, difficult, problematic, trying, hard, critical
      EN , NL problematisch, DE problematisch, SV problematisk

      FS recensere
      v. = to review, write a review, critcize
      NL recenseren, DE rezensieren, SV recensera, IL recenser

      FS recension
      n. = review, critique, discussion
      NL recensie, DE Rezension, SV recension

      FS reformere
      v. = to reform, to alter
      EN reform, NL reformeren, DE reformieren, SV reformera, IL reformar

      FS revidere
      v. = to revise, alter, review, amend
      EN revise, DE revidieren, SV revidera, IL revider

      FS statur,
      n. = stature, shape, figure, build, size, posture
      EN Stature, NL , DE Statur, DA , NO , SV statyr, IL statura, ,

      FS swar, a. = heavy, massive, awkward, oppressing, oppressive,
      difficult, hard, tough
      NL zwaar, DE schwierig, schwer, SV svår
    • David Parke
      Be sure to change the character encoding in your email client/browser to UTF-8. AVHANGIG a. = dependent NL afhangelijk, afhangend, DE abhängig, DA afhængig,
      Message 132 of 132 , Jul 28, 2006
        Be sure to change the character encoding in your email client/browser to

        a. = dependent
        NL afhangelijk, afhangend, DE abhängig, DA afhængig, NO avhengig, SV
        f. AV+ HANGE + -IG

        n. = atonement, fine, penalty, penance
        or possibly "BÔTE"
        EN boot (obsolete), NL boete, DE Buße, DA bod, NO bot, SV bot
        f. PG *bôt-

        n. = hinge, joint
        NL scharnier, DE Scharnier, IL cardine
        f. Fr. Charnière f. L. cardin

        n. = drug, hallucinogen, narcotic, natural or artificial substance used
        as a medication, opiate
        or possibly "DROGE"
        EN drug, NL drug, DE Droge, DA droge, SV drog, IL droga
        f. (O)Fr. drogue, of unkn. origin.

        n. = grip, handle, grasp
        EN grip, NL grip, DE Griff
        f. PG grip- weak base of GRÎPE

        v. = hang, suspend, attach
        or possibly "HENGE" or possibly two seperate verbs, one transitive, one
        EN hang, NL hangen, DE hängen, DA hænge, NO henge, SV hänga
        f. PG *hang-

        n. = hinge, joint
        EN hinge, NL hengsel, DA hængsel , NO hengsel
        f. PG *hang-

        n. = carrot. Daucus carota
        cuisine. Or possibly "KAROTE"
        EN carrot, DE Karotte, IL carota
        f. L. carota

        n. = art and science of disease treatment and health maintenance,
        medicine, medication, remedy, substance used for medical treatment
        EN medicine, NL medicijn, DE Medizin, DA medicin , NO medisin , SV
        medicin , IL medicina
        f. L medicina

        n. = medicament, drug, medication, medicine, remedy, substance used for
        medical treatment
        EN medicament, NL medicament, DE Medikament , DA medikament , NO
        medikament , SV medikament , IL medicamento
        f. L medicamentum

        n.= drug addict, junkie
        EN narcomaniac, DA narkoman, NO narkoman, SV narkoman, IL *narcomano
        f. Gk narko + mania

        n. = parsnip. Pastinaca Sativa
        EN parsnip, NL pastinaak , DE Pastinak, DA pastinak, SV palsternacka, IL
        f. L. Pastinaca

        n. = radish. Raphanus sativus
        EN radish, NL radijs , DE Rettich , DA radise , SV rädisa , IL radice
        f. L radic-, radix

        n. = celery. Apium graveolens
        EN celery, NL selderij, DE Sellerie, DA selleri, SV selleri, IL seleri
        f. It. dial. Selleri ult. f. Gk selinon parsley.

        n. = title, caption, degree in science, dignity, distinctive appellation
        denoting rank or achievement, grade, heading, name, predicate
        EN title, NL titel, DE Titel, DA titel , SV titel, IL titulo
        f. L titulus

        a. = ambiguous, equivocal
        Self explanatory compound
        DE zweideutig, DA tvetydig , NO tvetydig , SV tvetydig
        f. TWE + ŦIUDE + -IG

        n. = subtitle (of film, TV programme)
        NL ondertitel , DE Untertitel , SV undertitel
        f. UNDER + TITEL

        a. = unclear, vague
        EN unclear, NL onklaar, DE unklar, DA uklar, NO uklar, SV oklar
        f. UN + KLAR

        a. = unsure, insecure, anxious, fearful, lacking self-confidence,
        uncertain, unstable
        EN unsure, insecure, NL onzeker , DE unsicher, DA usikker , NO usikker ,
        SV osäker, IL insecur
        f. UN + SEKER

        a. = indistinct, vague
        NL onduidelijk, DE undeutlich, SV otydlig
        f. UN + ŦIUDE + -LIK

        a. = vague, faint, hazy, indistinct
        EN vague, NL vaag, DE vage, DA vag, NO vag, SV vag, IL vage
        f. L vagus
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