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Re: New poll for folkspraak (týp-féling)

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  • wakuran_wakaran
    ... konklusihf. ... synoným guesswork , ... líden ... (? ... noc-mál is fo(/e?)r-kéret... Et sculde háben wéset noc ... In dum-sprák, noc is still,
    Message 1 of 208 , Jul 10, 2004
      --- In folkspraak@yahoogroups.com, "wakuran_wakaran" <hakans@w...>
      > --- In folkspraak@yahoogroups.com, "xipirho" <xipirho@r...> wrote:
      > > op de frahg of if FS skulde is ein natuhrlig tung oder ein simpel
      > tung, mi denk [studies] vulde hahb tu is doet tu find if simpelnis
      > oder naturahlnis mahk de tung leder for germannisk sprakeren tu
      > brauk ond tu lehr. al vi hahb nu is [conjecture] - netíng
      > Ic denk et is én unlíkheid tw(ys)en simpelheid(simplicity) und
      > régelmaetigheid(regularity)...
      > Wat-for brúk dú én "d" in leder(easier?),
      > et is énlig dánisc dat brúk én d..
      > Studies= "stúdien" óder "under-súíkingen"(under-seekings), ic denk)
      > Hmmm, Conjecture, www.dictionary.com gí/é(?)v de
      synoným "guesswork",
      > so ic denk gis(s)-werk sculde wésen OK... =S
      > (swé:gissa, dan:gjette, hol:gissen)
      > Conclusive, hmm, mág-wésen én wórd mit enden óder slúten(close,
      > moe´glík latínsc in úrsprung)...
      > Gis-werk, dú sag...
      > OK, áber et is noc-mál(still) interesant tu séhen wat de mid-ge-
      > (??=members) denk...
      > Hmmm, ic wil nict enderen(change) gramátisc félingen(?
      > =mistakes/errors) óder som-ding in min steming(voting) nú, dat-for
      > of/if ic sculde dóen dat, de old stemingen sculde fo(/e?)r-scwinden
      > =disappear)/gáen fo(/e?)r-lúset (go lost)...

      noc-mál is fo(/e?)r-kéret...
      Et sculde háben wéset "noc"...
      In dum-sprák, "noc" is "still, und "noc-mál" is "again", sori/sorry...
    • Stephan Schneider
      David, de help-moderatoren er fur helpe de hovd-moderator, fur de fall, dat hi mag nit make sin arbed. For dat hav ik votered fur dat de
      Message 208 of 208 , Mar 16, 2009
        David, de help-moderatoren er fur helpe de hovd-moderator, fur de fall, dat hi mag nit make sin arbed. For dat hav ik votered fur dat de help-moderatoren werd selektered fram de hovd-moderator. Wan de "folk" selekter mannig moderatoren, it mag wese, dat dee hav ferschilling ansichten ov hu to make de arbed, ond dis mag hindre de arbed fan de hovd-moderator.

        Translation: Out of sheer perversity. ;)

        Stephan / stefichjo

        Von: David Parke <parked@...>
        An: folkspraak@yahoogroups.com
        Gesendet: Montag, den 16. März 2009, 14:53:15 Uhr
        Betreff: [folkspraak] Re: New poll for folkspraak

        Stephan Schneider, I sometimes wonder if you do some things purely out of perversity :-)
        How can you vote that the the moderators are equal in power/responsibilit y. But also that only the primary moderator (the number one equal person) is elected and the other mods are appointed by him/her. Makes not much sense to me!

        --- In folkspraak@yahoogro ups.com, David Parke <parked@...> wrote:
        > I said that I was elected as interim moderator for this group and I
        > would stay in this position for 3 months until we can hold elections for
        > a more permanent arrangement.
        > That means I want the election of the new moderator to be completed by
        > the 20th of May. I think the poll should last for 2 weeks, so the poll
        > should open on the 6th of May.
        > The reason I want to go through the whole exercise again of electing a
        > moderator, is I would like to see the powers and responsibilities of the
        > moderators clearly defined in a document somewhere. So we know who we
        > are electing, and what we the members give them consent to do. I'm
        > pretty sure that currently I can delete spam and ban spammators and
        > no-one will object. But if I started banning ordinary members or
        > changing group settings, I think that would be going too far, given the
        > circumstances under which I was elected.
        > So sometime between now and the 6th of May, we need to have a document
        > that has a job description of the moderators and what powers and
        > responsibilities are mandated to them.
        > How I would suggest we do this, is whoever is interested, writes a
        > document detailing how they see the moderators' job. Including the term
        > they are elected for, how many of them, the method of election, what
        > things they must do, what things they have discretionary power to do and
        > what things they must not do.
        > We can have a debate and critique of each persons proposal. If we
        > choose, we can modify our proposals based on an ideas or criticisms that
        > come up. But in the end, we hold a poll for the proposal and the most
        > popular one becomes the official job description for the moderators.
        > The election that we hold on 6 May - 20 May will be for the moderators
        > and they will occupy the post under the conditions in the job
        > description document that we have polled.
        > So members, please get writing and come up with some job-description
        > documents. We need them ready and we need to hold a poll for them BEFORE
        > the start of the moderator polls. If we let the poll run 2 weeks, we'd
        > need the proposals ready for that time. The poll would have to open on
        > 22 April at the latest.
        > Also if anybody is aware of any successful Yahoo! groups that are
        > moderated and have democratically elected and mandated moderators, let
        > us know. Perhaps we can copy our job descriptions from them. That would
        > seem a lot easier than writing one from scratch. I have quite a few
        > ideas of what to put in my proposal. But I am rather discourages from
        > starting to write one, because I think it'd occupy a lot of my rather
        > scarce time.
        > folkspraak@yahoogro ups.com wrote:
        > > Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the
        > > folkspraak group:
        > >
        > > Indicated by the results of the previous poll, the Folkspraak Yahoo! Group should have 3 moderators. Assuming that that is the case and we have more than 1 moderator, how should the 3 positions of moderator be determined?
        > >
        > > o One popular vote the for position of moderator. The 3 most popular candidates become the 3 moderators. If there is a primary moderator and vice moderators, then the top-voted candidate becomes primary moderator, and the next two become vice-moderators.
        > > o A separate poll for each of the 3 positions. So candidates can stand for the position of number 1 moderator, or for number 2 moderator or for number 3 moderator.
        > > o Only the primary moderator is elected. The primary moderator has the discretionary power to appoint 2 vice-moderators.
        > > o Other -- please post on the group your ideas.
        > >
        > >
        > > To vote, please visit the following web page:
        > > http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/folkspraak /surveys? id=2838196
        > >
        > > Note: Please do not reply to this message. Poll votes are
        > > not collected via email. To vote, you must go to the Yahoo! Groups
        > > web site listed above.
        > >
        > > Thanks!
        > >
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