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Glad to see the UFS coming along

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  • Christian
    Hey all! I may (or mightn t, can t remember) have left a message here before, but like usual I probably got distracted by university or something. Anyway, I ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2010
      Hey all!

      I may (or mightn't, can't remember) have left a message here before, but like usual I probably got distracted by university or something.

      Anyway, I've been back reading back until mid-August and am delighted to see a growth of a "Unified Folkspraak". And right when I was thinking of trying to revitalise my little "Detsch" conlang idea (oh well, it was stillborn anyway!).

      Anyway, I have a few questions about the more unified direction of Folkspraak.
      1) Is there any notes about vowel cluster pronunciation for Folkspraak? I think I saw "oe" among a few others which had me wondering. I'm guessing "oe" = ö/ø? (Swedish/German oe, incase that doesn't show up correctly)?

      2) What's the state of v/w/f? I'm assuming they are all pronounced like in English, after reading through some of the messages about the new dictionary?

      3) Is there a "flexibility" in the pronunciation allowable? E.g. If "w" gets abused and turned into "v", would one assume that it is just as understandable if one were to replace all English "w"s with "v"s? (As an Australian speaker I don't find it hard to understand that, but I don't know how a Dutch or German speaker would fare hearing the wrong consonant there in Folkspraak). And similarly with -er, if that were abused to a more "-a" sound like in non-rhotic English dialects and many German dialects, would that be understandable? And thus things like "to" and other common prepositions, do these ever "contract" in pronunciation informally or is this left for speakers to decide?

      3b) would a retroflex/alveolar approximate R work in Folkspraak, even if it immediately identified you as a speaker of a more north germanic language (or just a lazy English speaker ;))?

      4) I feel like a little child asking where the toilet is, but is there a grammar guide lurking around by any chance? ;) (E.g. verb conjugation, past tense forms, irregularities, et cetera?)

      Tanke for all jur help, ond ikk beklage for min "annoyances" (swaren?) to ju.
      Dis sprak have en god lud to ett, edoh ikk tenke niht dat ikk (should) utere min "y"-en ond "u:"-en als (the same; which thanks to my Australian accent I keep accidentally doing ;)).

      Anyway, enough rubbish from me - loving the work being done on this, Folkspraak is looking better than ever!

      Christian from Australia.
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