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Additionens to der Site

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  • BriBri56@xxx.xxx
    Ik put linkens in der site at ONElist : Language : German : folkspraak , und en partial wordens list at
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 1999
      Ik put linkens in der site at <A
      HREF="http://onelist.com/links/folkspraak">ONElist : Language : German :
      folkspraak</A> , und en partial wordens list at <A
      HREF="http://onelist.com/files/folkspraak">ONElist : Language : German :

      I'm having a lot of problems with developing verb vocabulary. As for syntax
      (word order, prepositions, conjunctions, etc.)- each Germanic language seems
      to have such different solutions and customs. Our basic Folkspraak grammar
      helps, but needs out-fleshing (sounded folkspraakish to say out-fleshing
      rathing than 'to be fleshed out').
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