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  • stefichjo
    Oct 4, 2006
      I have improved the format of my Wordskatt (partially, i. e. for the
      letter L). For example:

      lub-o >> lub > luv (DE Liebe)(EN love, luv)

      Proto Germanic form: lub-o
      Fulkspraek form: lub
      Folksprak form: lov
      German form: Liebe
      Englisch form: love, luv

      Your feedback is welcome.

      --- In folkspraak@yahoogroups.com, "stefichjo" <sts@...> wrote:
      > It's good to have some feedback, Dave. Thank you.
      > I guess the main reason for the Wordskatt to be difficult to read is
      > that the FS vocabulary is always written in Fulkspraek. This is
      > because my transformation rules (Fulkspraek to Folksprak) were still
      > changing. Now, so I guess, they have come to a stable static
      > and I might even dare to write the Folksprak-version for each
      > Fulkspraek-vocabulary. Would this make the Wordkskatt easier to
      > or do have other ideas?
      > At the moment I'm concentrating on FS morphology, which causes many,
      > many examples in the Wordskatt. I am defining -lik, -ig, fer-, ge-,
      > be- and others are about to follow.
      > I have just re-worked on the vocabularies based on PG *laub. Pretty
      > puzzle.
      > Unfortunately you would need to browse the Wikibook-page's history
      > order to see changes and subsequently new entries in it. This is not
      > that comfortable like your approach, but it could work. At the
      > each new vocabulary gets formatted in a way that I find better to
      > read: a cognate vocabulary (for example DE Haus, EN house, cognates
      > FS hus) is written bold. So wherever you encounter a bold word, it
      > probably new.
      > --- In folkspraak@yahoogroups.com, "David Parke" <parked@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Yes sometimes I am inspired to create words based upon what you or
      > > other FSers write. It is good to have the perspective of someone
      > > approachs FS from a different point of view and has a different
      > > language.
      > > I have trouble reading your Wordskatt on your Wiki, to tell you
      > > truth. Is there anyway of seperating out the new(er) words and
      > > updates, so I don't need to digest it all at once?
      > >
      > >
      > > --- In folkspraak@yahoogroups.com, "stefichjo" <sts@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Hi David,
      > > >
      > > > I noticed that sometimes when I modify my Wordskatt you add
      > > > words to your Ueberlist (and vice versa, I often think about
      your new
      > > > words, which inspires me to add new words to my list).
      > > > If yes, I would appreciate some feed-back from time to time.
      > > > I would also like to know if you found the comments I gave to
      > > > usefull or not.
      > > >
      > >
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