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  • David Parke
    Sep 16, 2006
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      n. = amber, fossilized pine tree resin
      NL barnsteen, DE Bernstein, SV bärnsten
      f. LG börn (burn cognate to BRENNE) + stên

      n. = resin
      NL hars, DE Harz, SV harts
      f. OHG harz

      prep., adv. = since, from a particular time until now, from the moment that
      EN since, NL sinds, sedert, DE seit, seitdem, DA siden, NO siden, SV sedan
      f. PG *sith + *them (dative demonstrative pronoun)

      adv. = considerably, fairly, pretty, quite, rather, reasonably
      EN tamely, NL tamelijk, DE ziemlich, DA temmelig, NO temmelig, SV tämligen
      f. TEME+ -LIK

      v. = explode, be blown up, blow to pieces, blow up, burst, detonate,
      shatter, snap
      EN explode, NL exploderen, DE explodieren, DA eksplodere, NO eksplodere,
      SV explodera, IL exploder
      f. L. explodere

      v. = burst, break into, break open, crack, erupt, explode, shatter,
      smash into pieces, snap, split
      Possible class III strong verb. Pt = barst-, pp = bursten
      EN burst, bust, NL bersten/barsten barstte-, gebarsten, DE bersten,
      barst-/borst-, geborsten, DA briste, brast/bristede, bristet, NO briste,
      brast, brustet/bristet, SV brista, brast, brustit
      f. PG *brestan

      n. = spring, jump, leap
      Class III strong verb. pt = sprang-. pp = sprungen. *sprangian/*sprengan
      have partially or totally merged in some germanic languages. I have
      chosen to keep them split.
      EN spring, sprang, sprung, NL springen, sprong-, gesprongen, DE
      springen, sprang-, gesprungen, DA springe, sprang, sprunget, NO springe,
      sprang, sprunget, SV springa, sprang-, sprungit
      f. PG *sprengan

      v. = blow up, burst, explode
      *sprangian/*spreingan have partially or totally merged in some germanic
      languages. I have chosen to keep them split.
      EN spring, NL springen, DE springen, sprengen, DA springe, sprænge, NO
      springe, sprenge, SV springa, spränga, sprängas
      f. PG *sprangian (causative of *sprengan)

      n. = explosion, act of exploding, bang, blast, boom, crack, detonation,
      discharge, outburst, pop, sudden explosion
      EN explosion, NL explosie, DE Explosion, DA eksplosion, NO eksplosjon,
      SV explosion, IL explosion
      f. L. explosionem

      n. = bang, boom, crack, detonation, explosion, pop
      NL knal, DE Knall, DA knald, NO knall, SV knall
      f. ? onomatopoeic?

      v. = bang, boom, crack, pop
      NL knallen, DE knallen, DA knalde, NO knalle, SV knalla
      f. KNALL + -E

      n. = sally
      only meaning that seems to be common in 3 or more branches.
      EN outfall, NL uitval, DE Ausfall, DA udfald, NO utfall, SV utfall
      f. ÛT + FALL

      v. = fell, chop down, cut down, overthrow
      EN fell, NL vellen, DE fällen, DA fælde, NO felle, SV fälla
      f. PG *fallijan (causative of *fallan)

      v. = 1. fall, be overthrown, descend, drop, sink, slump, take a
      nosedive, tumble 2. die, perish
      Class VII strong verb. pt = fiul. pp = fallen
      EN fall, fell, fallen, NL vallen, viel-, gevallen, DE fallen, fiel-,
      gefallen, DA falde, faldt, faldet, NO falle, falt, falt, SV falla, föll,
      f. PG *fallan

      v. = fold, crease, pleat
      EN fold, NL vouwen, DE falten, DA folde, NO folde, SV fålla
      f. PG *faldhan

      n. = fold, crease, pleat, tuck
      EN fold, NL vouw, DE Falte, DA fold, NO fold, SV fåll
      f. PG *faldhan

      a.= stern, fixed, inflexible, rigid, set, stiff
      The EN word is related to the NL and DE words, only at an IE level, not
      EN stern, NL star, DE starr
      f. PIE base *ster-, *star- "be rigid"
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