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14621Re: [FOLKSPRAAK] Strong verbs and separated infinitives

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  • Fenris
    Dec 22, 2013
      Am 22.12.2013 17:55, schrieb rpbmorris@...:
      Part of me thinks all verbs must be regular ("weak") in an auxlang, but I'm willing to go along with Folksprak's irregular verbs. My advice, for what it's worth, is that they should be kept to a minimum (e.g. no more than 30) and that dictionaries and grammars should list them all up front, instead of leaving people with an Easter-egg hunt to find them.
      In the most proposals that i've seen so far the verbs are either all regular or just a small number (~5) are irregular. Other than for lyrical aspects i don't see a reason to have irregular verbs.

      Does Folksprak take a position in regard to the Germanic natlang practice of separating finite verbs from their complementary infinitives? (Digression: I don't like the terms "finite" and "infinite", but nvm.) For example, which of these is correct?

      Ik vil lerne Folksprak.
      Ik vil Folksprak lerne.

      Since Folksprak is not constructed yet, noone can answer your question. While i tend to only use the first, i'm sure there are supporters of and good arguments for the latter out there.

      As a native English speaker, I hope it's the first one exclusively!
      Well, if the Germanic languages are treated equally, no matter how many or few speakers they have, you will have to face the fact, that it differs in many features from English, especially regarding the vocabulary and rather unique grammatical constructs.


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