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14619Re: [FOLKSPRAAK] Adjective or adverb?

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  • Fenris
    Dec 22, 2013
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      Hy again

      Again i'm not sure to which proposal you refer. A (not complete) overview can be found here: http://folksprak.bfadmin.schokokeks.org/wiki/References
      The big problem of vowel doubling is its inconsistency IMO. Also it could bring up a word with four consecutive vowels in its written form.
      I for myself would prefer to not have short and long vowels at all, but my opinion regarding this topic is just one of dozens out there.


      PS: If you like we can further discuss this in the channel ##folksprak on Freenode (e.g. through http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=##folksprak if you don't run an IRC-client).

      Am 22.12.2013 17:20, schrieb rpbmorris@...:
      Thanks for the fast reply Christian. Yes, moving the adverb works, so we should either edit the word-order rules to include this, or do something more drastic like introduce an adverb ending or impose adjectival agreement.

      (I was referring to two or three different grammars...)

      Another thing I've noticed is a wavering between short and long vowels, especially in the pairs en/ën and de/dë. It seems to me that the sensible approach is to have five short and five long vowels -- namely, a, aa, e, ej, i, ij, o, ow, u, uw -- with diphthongs admissible, so the indefinite article becomes "en" (lax or reduced vowel), the numeral one becomes "ejn" (tense/long vowel), the definite article "de", and the third-person nominative plural pronoun "dej". No diereses needed!

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