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14616Re: [FOLKSPRAAK] Adjective or adverb?

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  • Fenris
    Dec 22, 2013
      Hy, Bobby

      I'm not sure to which grammar you refer (there is still no unified yet).
      I agree that your example with that grammar is ambigious. I would propone to place the adverb in a way that this ambiguity does not arise, e.g.: "Si gud sing songen." / "Si sing songen gud."


      btw @ list:
      Who is still using this list? The last post is more than 4 months old...
      And how's the facebook-group going?

      Am 22.12.2013 12:36, schrieb rpbmorris@...:
      Hello all. I'm interested in the idea of a Germanic auxlang, so I've joined this group. I like Nordien as well as Folksprak, and like everyone else, I yearn for a single, agreed-upon language!

      I have a question about adjectives and adverbs. Having read the grammar(s) of Folksprak, I think I've identified a point of ambiguity. Consider the following sentences:

      She sings good songs (sie singt gute Lieder)
      She sings songs well (sie singt gut Lieder)

      It seems to me that these different phrases are the same in Folksprak, i.e. something like this: "si sing god songen". Am I mistaken and is there a clever way to make the distinction? Or ought we perhaps to decree that in Folksprak, attributive adjectives must agree with nouns in number (thus "si sing goden songen").


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